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Full Version: Nigel Farage EPIC EU Exit Speech In European Parliament
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Something very satisfying about watching the Eurocrats have to sit there and eat shit while Farage gloats.

Already the British politicians are trying to push Farage out of a role in negotiating the terms for Brexit, as they start to walk back and renege on their promises regarding migration.
very epic indeed. love that shit eating grin at the end
the girl behind farage has a grudging admiration for him lol

lots of smiling
I love farages speeches, he's such a good speaker.
He's a well heeled brit from the older generation.

back when I was a kid we talked about the british gentlemen. when these people came over to the US the girls went crazy over them. over the past 5-10 years, that image has completely faded and people don't really admire them as much.
Fantastic speaker.
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