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Full Version: Symbologists: analyze the Euro 2016 logo design
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[Image: og-default.jpg]
I see a hidden single eye and masonic compass in the upper part of the main logo

insinuating the commie flag

hexagons scattered throughout

possible morning star symbolism within the main logo
also insinuation of a pseudo- yin yang sign
Lots of six-pointed stars.
yes the three "*" stars in the main logo constitute 666

their games are getting old. their symbolism isn't rich. same old bs everytime
[Image: d7-1280x800.jpg]
oh my buddha. why are they so predictable?

666 also for the copa americana

[Image: Copa_Am%C3%A9rica_Centenario.png]
There's so much there it hardly needs to be gone over
(06-28-2016 11:29 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ][Image: og-default.jpg]

[Image: b473070d00eaaa3de5967a406c0c34a8.jpg?]
Almost every set of lines has 6 lines in the set.
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