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Full Version: Brexit Vote is Coming! Less than 1 Day
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19hrs until Referendum Vote.

Here are Paul Joseph Watsons spark-notes.

The nays have it, 58-42
I can't believe an attack on the Tower of Babylon even gotten this far.

[Image: eu_tower_building-tower_of_babel.jpg]

(06-22-2016 02:28 PM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]I can't believe an attack on the Tower of Babylon even gotten this far.

[Image: eu_tower_building-tower_of_babel.jpg]

It's a PR campaign to create the illusion of national sovereignty still being real.

80 years ago, the British Commonwealth agreed that national sovereignty needed to be temporary.
Hmm... I do see a bit of this. "Why can't we be sovereign like Switzerland or Iceland?"

this is just an entertainment spectacle used to let off steam for disgruntled britons.

no way they would leave as it would create a cascade effect.

it would also shake world markets if the UK were to follow through with brexit.

much like the pushing of Donald Trump, the social engineers use certain things to blow off steam.
I've always heard talk of EU Technocrats and Brussels Bureaucracy, but I didn't realize it was such a closed-door non-democratic system.

How does EU government system compare to China?
China monitors the internet to gauge the social mood and engages in policy changes accordingly.

for example a few years ago people all over the chinese net were complaining about corruption, the CCP then began to crack down on corruption arresting and jailing thousands of corrupt politicians.

they do a pretty good job IMO

the next major thing they need to do is to ban dog meat. this will be the best PR ever for China if they go through with this. around 60% of Chinese disapprove of the dog meat festival
I'm going to make the bold prediction that they vote to leave. The stock market has been cratering on fears of Brexit. As soon as Cox was killed and Brexit looked dead the market recovered. Today, the day before the vote, the market is back down. Those in the know know what's about to happen.
the market is waiting for direction. looking at a shorter timeframe the SP500 chart is slightly bullish.
If Britain remains, it will effectively spell the end of the indigenous British people.
the ppl know the fix is in:

[Image: Clm6eMjWMAAnqLd.jpg]
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