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Full Version: Trump is a post-ironic personality cult
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You cannot tell whether something is pro-Trump or anti-Trump any more.

Thanks for posting that jho, it's tremendous. Trump should use this in his campaign.
this isn't japanese. I could tell right away. it's a well made parody of a Japanese music video.

the lady they chose was the dead giveaway since she doesn't represent the cute anime ideal.

this was made by a bunch of westerners starring a vietnamese lady.

they made this to bash Trump.
You're right. It's not Japanese, just a parody. The YouTube description lists all the actors & crew, and they have western sounding names. I disagree with your assertion that someone made this to bash Donald. This is the type of meme "alt-right" shitposters make. It looks like something that could have come directly from 'the Donald' subbreddit. They like to embrace the authoritarian "God Emperor" image of Trump. You have to understand the culture of millennial Trump supporters, they are japanime fans, gamergaters, etc.

Trump supporters are post-ironic, like I said. The left-are still enamored with the cynicism of Hillary, or the irony of Larry David, Jon Stewart & Bernie Sanders.
I love trolling people with this God Emperor Trumpenfuhrer stuff, but I think he'll be a terrible President. Not as bad as Hillary, but when the recession hits he'll have no idea how to respond. It's gonna be yuge.
hillary will be a continuation of Obama with a bit more war mongering and social engineering.

Trump at least will provide some possible wiggle room for some change. Trump is the only choice.
The way I see it, Trump doesn't have any principles so he flip flops from day to day. He's inconsistently right. On the other hand Hillary is consistently wrong.
Trump speaks off the cuff so he will contradict himself naturally.. but his heart is in the right place. I do genuinely think he is a hardcore conspiracy theorist and just touches on some of the lighter issues in public. I do think he believes SH is BS.

What worries me now is Trump is not tightening up his game and does not seem to have an organized gameplan for the general election. Cheapie Trump still isn't spending enough money, isn't blasting ads, isn't hiring enough footsoldiers on the ground in various states.

Hillary is using a leviathanic corporate machine to run her campaign... Trump is basically still doing his one man show.

Plus he failed to unite the GOP which also worries me. the guy needs to become more professional from this point forward. it would be the correct strategy since he's the nominee. maybe he didnt' expect to get this far and has no idea what he has gotten into.
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