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Full Version: Compilation of Evilyoshida Wisdom Soundbite MEMES
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paradigmer made these several years ago and I have found the stash on memegenerator. He made these to make fun of me but they turned out to be a big hit for awhile on the OG.

[Image: 32818497.jpg]

[Image: 32818365.jpg]
[Image: 32818294.jpg]

[Image: 32818243.jpg]

[Image: 32817866.jpg]

[Image: 32817757.jpg]

[Image: 32817635.jpg]
[Image: 32817571.jpg]

[Image: 32817450.jpg]

[Image: 32817372.jpg]

[Image: 32817264.jpg]
[Image: 32817177.jpg]

I basically pioneered the usage of the phrase "GOOD POST"

it is now used daily on the OG
[Image: 32819059.jpg]

[Image: 32816687.jpg]


[Image: 32819262.jpg]

[Image: 32819568.jpg]

[Image: 32820391.jpg]
the truth hurts. truth tellers will be crucified.

[Image: 32819640.jpg]
credit to dietbutcher for this one:

[Image: 54099101.jpg]
[Image: 32820308.jpg]
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