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Full Version: Acupuncture is the real deal. real life experience. instant results
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Sprained my ankle REALLY BAD on a rainy day

twisted my ankle fully and was unable to walk instantly.

the next day my ankle swelled up to the size of a softball

went to a korean acupuncture clinic on a wheelchair

the doctor took an xray and told me I needed emergency acupuncture treatment

he injected anti-inflammatory herbs directly into the sprained ankle and then proceeded to place needles all over the injured foot. he then connected electrical current to the needles and put my foot over an tissue penetrating UV light.

immediately I could feel my ankle starting to tingle while the blood was fruitfully circulating...

after 1 hr of treatment I got up and could stand up and walk with a limp.

5 hrs. later I could walk with a limp without pain

now it has been 24 hours and I can basically walk 70% normally and the swelling has reduced by 70%

acupuncture is the real deal. I'm a believer

ain't no way a placebo could do this.

the last time I sprained my ankle it would not heal this fast until around 2 weeks later.
do you know the name of those anti-inflammatory herbs that he injected into you sprained ankle? I've done acupuncture a few times, never really felt any results. But I can vouch for the effectiveness of Chinese Herbology.
i asked the doctor but he wouldnt' tell me, but he said it was herbs

i sprained my ankle severely and was just short of fracturing some bones according to the x-ray

i could not walk until right after the treatment

it only took one hour.

the funny thing is he put needles in my good ankle as well to balance out the qi flow or something.

ridiculous asian technology
ok hopefully it's not steroids then lol. judging by how quickly it healed and the fact that he wouldn't tell you what herb,it could've been a cortisone shot.
lol. it could have been, but can a cortisone shot heal a sprained ankle instantly?
relieves the pain and swelling for a day or two, and then they come back. not sure if they would go away after only one hour though.
i just called the hospital. he said it was korean herbs, but I can't get the name in english. It's a big hospital so I don't think he would lie
Soy sauce, minced garlic, chopped green onions, brown sugar, water and korean herbs = best eva korean bbq.
the doctor said it goes against their mandate to use steroids.

I am also drinking a pouch of disgusting korean herbs. not sure how well that is working.

but I felt 30% better instantly after the acupuncture treatment
(05-17-2016 05:33 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]the doctor said it goes against their mandate to use steroids.

that's a good thing. Steroids can only mask the problem by suppressing the immune system for a few days, and you'd continue to injury the bone applying full weight over the bad ankle.
i agree. but I keep improving now about 30 hours later.

the last time i sprained it this bad, it was way worse the next day with huge swelling.. and this continued for at least 3-4 days.

the amazing thing is that there is virtually no bruising. i think they let out some of the bad blood with the acunpuncture
I inject artichoke juice around the inflamed area, because it chokes , the swelling arti-ry.
There's a reason that pressure point strikes are banned from the UFC.
^ good point

this is the fastest I've ever healed from a sprained ankle

no bruising either

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