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Full Version: The Importance of Cash
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I recently discovered that my debit card was used to make almost $1000 in unauthorized purchases. I contacted my bank but it's unclear at this point how much I'll be able to recover. I had my card shut off.Fortunately I kept a stash of cash in my home for emergencies. I think this reinforces how important it is to have cash on hand and to avoid using the card whenever possible. I'll be keeping most of my cash out of the bank now, just in case something like this happens again or there's some kind of bank bail-in.
they will usually return the money to you after an investigation
The bigger issue is temporary, or longer term, systems shut down in the event of financial market craziness & social unrest that will come at some point.

Just think if something crazy goes down at the republican convention, 40%+ of Americans that already support Trump will take to the streets if they feel he's being subverted.

Like during 9/11, a crazy event, or any crazy stuff after it leading up to the election, could see them suspending the election. 9/11 was also election day in NY. This is how Giuliani stayed in power for another term.

Look at 2008. Markets & banking would be shut down and access to cash like in Greece later would be near to impossible for at little a little while.

A hidden cash stash with some real silver or gold is as important as the 3 day food & water supply always recommended for disaster preparation. Find me some elite rich people without this.
cops in the US have confiscated billions in cash from passengers they searched.


It's not a good idea to get caught by the cops carrying a lot of cash. It can be confiscated quite easily and it's difficult to get it back.
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