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Full Version: Russia and China most favorable to Trump. Chart
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[Image: HandelsRus4.png?itok=W1rDPSnd]

two anti-NWO countries. not a surprise.

even with all the anti-China talk, the chinese still like him
Where's the Chinese evidence?
China has the most amount of Trump supporters, even if overall they like Clinton more.

Russia is the only country in the G20 that likes Trump more overall.

China is 2nd place in terms of Trump support.
South Koreans have been neutered.

3rd most unfavorable to trump in the G20.

You would think they would like his machismo, but the feminist program overturned their society in 10 years.

57% of Russians don't like any of the two party candidates. That's a positive sign.
yeah but the Trump presidency is a deviation from the standard dog and pony show.

i think China and Russia intrinsically understand that Trump will be better for them. maybe not on trade, but geopolitically.
someone care to explain the relatively low rejection in Canada while at the same time they rate NWO puppet like Trudeau very highly?
maybe Canada's catholic background? it's the most catholic out of FVEY.
it's also odd that South Africa and Saudi Arabia are among the lowest rejection rates.
Trump is isolationist and I think some of these places like that.

Places like South Korea that smooch off of the US with preferential policies want to continue the status quo.

Hilary is a continuation of what has been happening. Trump will be a departure.
(05-09-2016 10:55 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]maybe Canada's catholic background? it's the most catholic out of FVEY.

well Francis sort of excommunicated Trump not long ago. Also Italy and Spain have some of the highest support rates for Hillary.
yeah. hard to explain. Perhaps they are tired of the political correctness.

Canada is the weakest link in FVEY
(05-09-2016 10:53 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]yeah but the Trump presidency is a deviation from the standard dog and pony show.

Not really. People said the same thing about Obama. Trump's rhetoric is empty, except when it comes to emotional issues & fear mongering. He is the archetypal demagogue, there's no deviation there.

Like I've said numerous times. Hillary will be the president, that's how it has been planned since Obama & Hillary met at Chantilly VA in 2008. Obama got to go first and be the token black guy, now it's Hillary's turn to be the token woman puppet.

Trump is playing the part of the 'tomato can' and paying back his bankster & zionist friends for rescuing him from bankruptcy in the early '90s.
psychologically it's very different. he is bringing back masculinity to leadership. it changes the psychological consciousness of the US populace.

they have spent billions on the PC program and it could obliterated almost overnight with Trump. I'm already noticing white people being more bold about their true feelings after Trump's success. It has been cathartic for a lot of white people.
Trump isn't masculine. He has the mannerism and tastes of a flamboyant homosexual. Masculinity is seen in the strong silent type who ONLY opens his mouth when he has something erudite to say.
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