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Full Version: Russia has become the world's leader in the export of wheat
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Originally appeared at Xinhua - Chinese News Agency

Russia has become the world's leader in the export of wheat, surpassing the United States and Canada, Russian Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said Thursday.

"Russia supplies about 25 million tons of wheat on the external market by the end of the agricultural 2016 year. We became the world's leading wheat exporter, surpassing the United States and Canada," Tkachev was quoted as saying by Russian news agency TASS.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Russia last year achieved record levels in the harvest of corn (13.2 million tons), rice (1.1 million tons), soybeans (2.7 million tons) and buckwheat (900,000 tons). The total grain harvest amounted to 104.8 million tons.

and I assume , non-GMO.

just hung out with some Russians today. a very spiritual people.

they have a newfound confidence i did not see in the 90's or the 00s
Going to have to look up some non gmo wheat, the gmo stuff wreaks havoc on me
Also, record numbers of wheat that is non gmo which flies in the face of the big gmo argument about needing gmos to feed the world.
All wheat is bad and not good for human consumption.
food technology has advanced so much.. and esp. transport that the gains from GMO are simply not worth it.

so much food in the world it's not even funny.

i went to 3rd tier cities in China and everyone was wasting food. ridiculous
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