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Full Version: Positive experience with Muslims in dearborn
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My Muslim Neighbors Are Great! from B

Today I had an emergency that required a licensed electrician. Two Lebanese men came and spent at least one hour dealing with my problem in my very old house which was built in 1927. It could have been expensive and he knew I was worried about the cost.

When it came time to settle I asked him how much and he said: "you have a horse in the basement". WHAT? I couldn't understand him because his accent was so heavy. I thought he must have meant "hose" but no. We were really struggling with my inability to understand. Finally he went down stairs and took a photo on his phone and showed me. He was talking about a toy rocking horse that had been down there for years. He said he wanted it for his child.

I told him; "yes, of course you may have it but how much do I owe you for the work?"

He would take no money, just the toy.

Believe me when I tell you, that made my day and I can't seem to stop smiling.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in my dealings with Arabs here in Dearborn. Indeed this is typical of my experience with my Arab neighbors, Christian or Muslim and in my opinion it speaks volumes.

People are basically the same everywhere.

This is the "truth" that people need to hear.
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One of my best friends is Lebanese. Lebanon is the most Western/European Arab country.
The Non-Shia portion of the country (40%) doesn't identify with the Muslim Arab world.

In fact, many fancy themselves as Phoenecian (Greek) rather than Arab (Semetic).
most muslims I have met in the US have been VERY NICE.

used to go to a muslim /turkish restaurant and the owner was very hospitable.

they seem honorable as well on a person to person basis.

in China, the muslim kebab stands are the ones that are selling real meat. the han chinese ones often use rat or cat meat.
There is a liquor store down the street, and the 25 year old Syrian working there kisses my ass, plays best buddy, but tries to get sleazy with my girlfriend when she goes in alone to buy cigs.

I also sometimes spar with a 2nd generation Syrian who is also a computer programmer and BJJ Black-Belt. The guy is totally anti-Assad and tows the US talking points about Assad being a monster who kills his own people, everyone in Syria wants the US to help overthrow him, ISIS has nothing to do with the FSA, Putin is trying to kill the moderate rebels ... blah blah.

I'm not liking Syrians right now.
This is the "truth" that people need to hear.
All the ones I've met smell like onions.
I don't think I've ever had a problem with Muslim.

All the ones I've ever met have always gone out of their way to be friendly, courteous, and nice.
My old accountant when I lived in NY was Iranian. He was an awesome dude.
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