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Full Version: The most admirable man in China. The dog rescuer
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This man spent his entire fortune founding sanctuary for stray dogs destined for the slaughterhouse

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My name is Wang Yan, this year I am 29 years old, and in 2012 I established this rescue center in Changchun. Everyone calls this place the “stray dog sanctuary,” and its main purpose is to adopt and care for dogs that have been abandoned or were destined for the slaughterhouse. On March 8th, I had the difficult task of comforting a dog as it lay on its deathbed, caring for it as it took its last breath.

[Image: dogschangchun2.jpg]

I left home at the age of 14 to find part-time work, and I eventually ended up in Changchun doing construction and engineering work. I’ve always loved dogs, mainly because of the bond that is formed between them and their owners. About three year ago there was in excess of 5,000 strays running around; we had all kinds of dogs, Samoyed, Golden Retrievers, almost every kind of breed could be found here.

Also around that time, my own pet dog disappeared. My friend suggested I go check out the slaughterhouse, just in case he was grabbed and scheduled for slaughter. I stopped by the slaughterhouse for nearly a week, and I never found my dog, but while I was there I saw so many beautiful dogs. They were all packed in cages, and I could tell that they were filled with dread, as I walked by they would all stare at me, hoping that I would release them from their misery. I couldn’t take it, and so I decided to buy one.

As I left with my new companion, I dared not look at the other dogs, but I could tell that their eyes were all on me. It was unbearable. After that, whenever I had nothing better to do, I would go to the slaughterhouse just to watch them.

When I had just started the sanctuary, I initially would save the dogs one-by-one, making frequent trips to the slaughterhouse. Eventually I was able to gather together a group of individuals who also shared my ideals, and we were able to take the dogs away by the truckload. On February 25th, some volunteers and I drove our car to the slaughterhouse and after bartering spent 2,000 RMB to buy six dogs and bring them home.

Most of the dogs I rescue come from places south of Changchun, such as Hebei province or the city of Tianjin. Because of the difference in climate, the dogs have trouble adjusting to the frigid temperatures this far north, which can get as cold as -30 C.

From time to time, the dogs I care for fall ill, so I have to go buy medicine from the pharmacy. Since I’m not a doctor, I began to study Chinese medicine and consulted with traditional doctors. In order to avoid bringing further harm to my dogs, I often test the medicine on myself first. One time I had a severe allergic reaction to one of the medicines, so I was sent to the hospital.

“Huangmao” (“Yellow Hair”) is a dog I rescued from near death. When I first found him in his cage, it was clear that he was dying, and his condition was so bad that his skin was festering. Now, whenever I look at him I can tell from his eyes that he is full of gratitude, and he always unwaveringly comes whenever I call for him.

When Huangmao first arrived at the sanctuary, his health was so bad that I decided to live with him in order to better manage his recovery. At first his body was in terrible shape, and he would often cough, vomit and suffer from diarrhea. At night, whenever I heard him cough, I would immediately get up to check on his condition. Two months later, Huangmao had finally recovered his strength and vitality; everyone says it’s a miracle that he’s alive.

Although I exhausted all my energy and resources to successfully bring Huangmao back from the brink of death, there are unfortunately many other dogs that I was unable to save despite my best efforts. One of my responsibilities is to see to the disposal of their corpses, which I tearfully cremate and hope fervently that they find a better life in Heaven.

Everyday at five in the morning the dogs come pawing at my window to remind me to feed them. Their feed primarily consists of corn meal. Every bowl contains about 100 grams of the stuff, and each day I cook eight pots, which means that it costs me 1,000 RMB per day to feed them, for a total of about 3 million RMB over the past three years. Before, I had the time to find work outside of the sanctuary, but these days I am forced to find part-time work near the sanctuary.

I live a very modest and frugal life, but in spite of that I find my work rewarding enough to continue. Whereas other people think I am simply wasting my time, I choose to see it as opportunity to get together and have fun with the people and animals I care about.

The only real regret I have is for dragging my wife into this. Everyday she works hard to feed the dogs and to clean up after them. I remember one time I had saved 2,000 RMB for a wedding photo shoot, but at the same time I unexpectedly discovered we had run out of dog food, so I used the money to purchase feed for them instead. She was unhappy, of course, but thankfully she is supportive of both me and my work.

It’s not just me and my family caring for these dogs. Every Saturday, volunteers come to help out with the work, feeding, cleaning and caring for the dogs.

One of my volunteers has burst into tears when faced with the hardship these dogs must endure. It only steels my resolve that what I do is worthwhile. Although the sanctuary has been firmly established, I still refuse to accept monetary donations, though I make an exception for people wishing to donate building materials or dog food to help me continue my mission to provide these dogs with a nurturing home.
this is what you call doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

in the US, they would shut him down due to "health violations" lol

in China they allow him to do it.

the dogs get a 2nd chance and can run freely in the field.

visitors and volunteers are so moved they burst into tears when they see the rescued dogs

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[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Volunteers help out on the weekend.

[Image: changchun_stray15.jpg]
he has a pharmacy in his house:

[Image: dogschangchun7.jpg]

again murica would shut him down due to NOT HAVING A LICENSE!

[Image: dogs8.jpg]
people say him buying dogs from the slaughterhouse, increases the demand for strays to be sold.. however I disagree.

when people read about this guy, the entire country is moved and there will be less demand over time for dog meat. also people slaughtering dogs will become social lepers and outcasts.

China has tons of dog lovers. Tons. I donate to someone like this guy. tons and tons of dog food literally.
This guy is such s hero. Amazing courage to do something like this.
it's actually my dream to have one of these farms.

the SPCA takes dogs in and kills them in a couple of weeks if no one adopts.

all these dogs can live. it's beautiful.

i would neuter/spay all the dogs and let them run around in the farm.

also I would hold some educational workshops on how to care for dogs and how having dogs is a great responsibility. it's like 50% of a human kid
Funny you posted this. It's been my dream to have a senior dog sanctuary that older dogs can come live out their golden years. The bond is much easier to make between yourself and a older dog. Older dogs already know what they, they already have their own personality, and they are just easy to be with. My hats off to this guy.

My only question is how you keep the dogs fed? There is a guy in Costa Rica with close to a 1000 dogs and for the life of me I don't know how you feed them all.
he uses cheap corn feed.

the dog food I buy for these farms costs about 1.50 per kg including shipping.

each dog probably only needs 300-400 grams on average per day.

the thing is they mix it with rice too.

also the one I donate too gets leftover food from restaurants and mixes it in with the dog food. i buy better dog food with actual meat content. not sure if this guy is giving any dog food with actual meat content.

someone needs to make a system where people can take fresh food waste and turn it into dog food for strays.

i look at how much food is thrown away and i'm like DAMN, that could BE DOG FOOD FOR THE DOG FARM!
his wife helps him out. good wife

[Image: changchun_stray14.jpg]
That's my search right there. A good woman who loves dogs as much as I do.
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