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Full Version: Michael Savage: Western Civ will collapse without Christian Revival
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“Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world, and Christianity itself rises up against the forces against it, the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.”

- Michael Savage

The West is dying because over time Xtianity has poisoned the West. There are trappings of other influences but it essentially a Semetic system that transmits Jew think. It prepared the psyche of Europe for Jewish movements like Bolshevism.
Xtianity also left Europe with a spiritual void, most of Europe now identifies a atheist , robbed of their bloodright -their spiritual heritage only exists as superstition now , aside form some revivals and of course 1930's Germany tried to restore the volkways of the past.
Jesus himself would give up his seat at the table , wash the feet of the animals currently invading Europe and maybe even use magic to feed alll of them.
The great god of the Northern Germanic tradition would smash those filthy bastards back to Turkey , becasue the welfare of the people he protects is his priority, not the rabble of the world.
The Semetic religious systems operate under the assumption that man is flawed, in fact so flawed that natural man is left outside of the grace of God, this is slave behavior and poisonus, maybe it works in the desert but it is entirely toxic.
The Indo-European/Aryan systems assume that man has merit, and the merit is the reason for his creation, this is a noble ideology and illustrates the difference between the natural psychology of the European and that of semites, hammites and other assorted dogs.
Now you tell me what you want safeguarding the West , the values of the Jews and a made up sun king ?
long term it may have been the source of most of the problems of the west, but in practical terms it has been a balancing force, esp. the moderate type of Christianity.

also before Christianity people were more barbaric. they civilized a lot of questionable pagan customs.
Western civilization has the trappings of Christianity, but it was never founded upon Christian principles. Western civilization didn't expand because people were turning the other cheek, forgiving their enemies, or gifting thieves with more of their property.
Christianity with their missionaries is easily one of the main factors as to what led to the dominance of the west.

Christianity is what you make of it. it can be good or bad depending on how its interpreted.

it's also the anti-thesis of the NWO.

the NWO is the bastard unwatned stepchild of Xtianity
you can't go back to dungeons and dragons.. you work with what you have

the foundation of the west as we know it is Christianity.

Catholicism is a type of subverted Christianity that goes beyond desert fairy tales, it encapsulates the universal
Christianity is a frontier religion, and we're all out of frontier.
^The land of exponential growth is no longer exponential.
what the hell is wrong with SJWs? they need some Xtianity

the US is so lame with their capitalism vs. socialism bullshit. every society is based on BOTH. there is no either or. I personally believe in capitalism for the reg. folks with increasing regulation/taxation as you get richer/bigger.

He's right. Wahhab-Hempherism will fill that void.
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