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Full Version: George Bush Sr. Homeschooling The Next Generations
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[Image: bushsr_pyramid.jpg]
lol. barbara really does look like aleister
[Image: BARBARA-BUSH.jpg]
(04-10-2016 05:02 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]lol. barbara really does look like aleister

much more similarity than Merkel/Hitler
Is that a pyramid on his lap or is he just happy to see the children?
It's probably Orgone to help protect himself from his own chemtrail sprayings.
hard to tell what it is due to the fuzzy picture.

could it be a massager?

black pyramid with a white top is not a common configuration
maybe it was a little scale model version of the one used at the IRS headquarters?

[Image: scupture-+IRS+HQ-+New+Carrollton,+MD.jpg]
gotta love the racists who think it's impossible for black/brown people to build something like the pyramids.

"can't be them dark people.. must be ALIENS"

[Image: hoeh%2Bpyramid.jpg]

so much latent racism everywhere.
Terrible posture.
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