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Full Version: It's Not What You Say... It's The Way You Say it...
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Look at the way CLinton addresses BLM.

the way he does it just seems so ............................. just.............. logical....... and correct EVEN when he raises his voice and simply yells "THAT'S NOT TRUE" the crowd just ROARED. he didn't even have to back up that statement. lol he just seems so correct. Imagine Ted Cruz repeating those exact words in a script... you would automatically sense slyness.

When the Donald does it...... he just looks like a tyrannical dickhead regardless of him saying the exact same thing as Bill at the end of the day.


Bill Clinton is truly the most charismatic politician maybe ever. I don't even think JFK was as good of a speaker as Slick Willy
you can get away with the most racist shit if you just use academic language.

read any book on IQ and RACE and it becomes apparent.
it's not that simple.

you can use academic language but the way Donald speaks with his dead eyes and upside down mouth, it still comes off brutish.

Ted Cruz uses academic language does his instill the same level of confidence as slick willly here? just lOL
I haven't heard donald say anything racist.

afaik he is not a racist.

he is against illegal immigration, not all immigration. he hires a lot of minorities.
the fuck is wrong with Bill Clinton, shooting straight for once.
Quote:mercytoday11 hours ago
No, Bill laws were put in place because of the millions from private prison lobbyist. Private prisons get a young black man in for a six month sentence and turn him into a lifer. A young healthy man or women in prison for a long sentence is a cash tree.

It was never about crime, same goes for the war on drugs. It was a way to funnel human commodity into a money making business. Prisons are extremely profitable businesses. Look at the number of prisoner before and after privatization of prisons. The story tells itself no need to add any context.
3 strikes law is dumb as hell, esp. for nonviolent crime.

steal a burrito 3 x and go to jail for life?

the clintons pushed for this.
(04-09-2016 02:07 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]3 strikes law is dumb as hell, esp. for nonviolent crime.

steal a burrito 3 x and go to jail for life?

the clintons pushed for this.

I think to initiate the first strike, it has to be a 1st degree felony with violence. I think 2nd and 3rd strikes can be any petty felony.

I think in an incident that has multiple fellonies involved, you can strike out, but I think that's more rare. Like beating the shit out of three people in one incident.

I've heard of a person maiming someone, doing 10 years, get out and do well, 15 years later get caught with a $50 sac of Coke and get charged with three strikes.

I've heard of another guy do an armed robbery, do his time, come out and several years later be involved in a bar fight which he was dragged into and get hit for three strikes, life in jail, do not pass go, $80,000 a year to tax payers for next 30-40 years.

I personally think subsequent strikes should not hinge on 2nd degree non violent felonies. If it was mutual combat, I think if nobody was seriously hurt, it shouldn't be life.
there is no incentive to discourage crime in the US due to the private prison system.

they promote the hell out of crime with gangster rap music and debaucherous media

the provoke the crime by setting up entrapment schemes ie putting a key in the ignition to see if a poor guy will try to take the vehicle... or put some new beer bottles on the street see if someone will take then bust.

so fucked up what they do in the USSA
prisons need to be turned into military boot camps and technical training centers.

maybe even some religious indoctrination is good. religion has been known to turn lives around.

a lot of these criminals learn new criminal techniques or join new gangs when they are in jail. how is this even allowed?
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