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Full Version: false flag school
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I spoke about these events once or twice on here I think, a friend of mine had to go through something like this for his firefighter training. and I got to watch the video of it.


[Image: 31B1BA9200000578-3469066-image-a-20_1456748943584.jpg]

[Image: 31B324DC00000578-3469066-image-a-72_1456756721088.jpg]

[Image: 31B3248600000578-3469066-image-a-76_1456756804377.jpg]

[Image: 31AFD97800000578-3469066-image-a-32_1456742346432.jpg]

[Image: 31AFDADA00000578-3469066-image-a-23_1456741506423.jpg]

[Image: 31B1E85800000578-3469066-Photographs_rev...521908.jpg]

[Image: 31AFDC9A00000578-3469066-Graphic_An_acto...167466.jpg]

[Image: 31B3962100000578-3469066-image-a-40_1456768306423.jpg]

[Image: 31B3970600000578-3469066-image-a-27_1456767902762.jpg]
very interesting pics. the FX remind me of boston bombing
[Image: 31AFDC6800000578-3469066-image-a-40_1456742473001.jpg]
a lot of this is wasted taxpayer money.

their buddies probably own the crisis acting school
the most useful thing is probably training people to get used to seeing gory stuff live.
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