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Full Version: Korean Human beats Google's SUPER COMPUTER in GO
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Humans strike back: Go champion wins his 1st game against Google's AI

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Lee Se-dol, the 18-time world champion of Go, has won his first match against Google’s AlphaGo computer. The victory comes after the same program beat him three times running.
Lee proved able to defeat the machine in their fourth game in Seoul on Sunday. The human champion said he hadn’t been able to find any weaknesses in computer’s strategy before then.


koreans as a group probably have the highest IQs in the world.
don't really understand the point of pitting humans against machines though.

it's like putting Usain bolt against a car. what's the point?

I would be more interested if these machines didn't rely on brute force but true AI.

it's cheating if they have programmed all the possible moves into the machine.
humans can solve problems they've never even seen before.

a computer can't do that.

when a computer can self generate and self learn without HUMAN DATA INPUT I'll be impressed.
lol @ this robot. they claim it's the most lifelike. NOT EVEN CLOSE

I play Go but I'm not very good. It used to hold the reputation of the one game that humans were better at than computers.

But as EY pointed out, we're not talking about Human vs Artificial Intelligence, but Human vs Human created Algorithm.
yep. artificial intelligence would be if a computer program learned by itself from playing a lot of games or even imagining games.

what they are doing is loading the computer up with all the combinations and the most effective probabilities.

it's bs.
I wonder how much of human intelligence is also brute force. How many probable scenarios are considered and discarded instantaneously In the decision making process that we are not aware of.
to some extent it works the same way, but humans can be more creative and adapt to unexpected situations. computers can't do that.
great article by wired about lee sedol's genius


totally unfair contest. ALPHAGO used 1200 CPUS. i want to see 1 CPU vs 1 HUMAN
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