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Full Version: UN primed to elect female Kennedy School graduate
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Cursory glance at her CV makes me think that she won't be good for the world -- as in the population outside the tiny cluster of Western countries controlled by the globalists.

You assessment may be right but I don't think that the head of the UN matters all that much in the first place, and there's something else.

The pro American, pro Euro-Atlantic political class in Bulgaria who are rabidly Russophobic, were against her nomination despite her qualifications and despite this being a once in a 1000 years opportunity for one of our own to head the UN. Why? They say she shouldn't be nominated cause her father was at one point secretariat of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

This is of course nonsense as almost everyone's parents in the highest echelons of our current government were part of the communist party. The most vehement anti communist personalities in our country were snitches for the internal communist state security (the one that deals with harassing people with different political outlooks than that of the party, not the one that deals with legitimate external threats). The most vehement Russophobes used to go to universities in Moscow and praise glory to the Soviet Union.

So why are these criminals actually against her nomination? Cause she speaks Russian? Or cause they don't do anything without consulting with the American embassy?

[Image: Bokowa.jpg]

[Image: st-petersburg-russia-14th-dec-2015-russi...f95r34.jpg]

[Image: 5a9200d4ec050bbc2e6b71d096d5a6dd.jpg]

[Image: WcAaMdQ5XoxxUO2ybTtYfuv0VMefugd1.jpeg]

As head of Unesco she meets with all heads of state, but it seems that in the current climate, even just doing you job will get you labeled as a "Putin ally".

The government finally and begrudgingly caved in after public pressure. Soros media was not happy. The nomination does not guarantee anything, and I think someone else will probably get the post.
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