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Full Version: Podcast I did w/ 'Everything's An Illusion' from Scotland
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Hey all

Our man Robb Wallace (good scottish name) just posted this today. He hosts a GREAT podcast I've really been enjoying, and was stoked to be invited as a guest... we hit it off like old friends, was tons of fun.

Have a listen:


[Image: bIbF6c.jpg]

At the site and checking out the YouTube vid now. Will report findings.
Masato starts by going 'I'm doing fine THANK YOU VERY MUCH!'.

He sounds pumped. The interviewers a mellow CT Scot.

I look forward to this! YES!

OK, I'm only 51 seconds in. Back to the 'cast.
So Masato, who are you?
Steven Seagal is the reason I had a pony tail.

He's awesome.
Is this guy on your forum? What's his SN?
I still only use Anarchy Zone. That will probably change over time.
This based Scot is pumping your forum like a boss.
The 'big stage' when it comes to forums now is pretty much flipped and infiltrated by shills.

I've seen it happen to 4chan
I've seen it happen to Reddit
I've seen it happen to mixedmartialarts.com

Anywhere there are too many eyes, shills have flipped that place.

4chan is ok again now, because they are so used to shills. That's pretty cool.
*obligatory toke hit*
Subscribed to the guy you're talking to. That is a based Scot.
Infinite Growth Paradigm will be the end of us all.
History is written by the winners and regularly updated for the times.

His story.
The best art I've ever done - Masato's avatar:

[Image: BGNvzUJ.jpg]

My daughter has politely pointed out many times that maybe I'm not the best artist. She is. She can create some amazing works.

Onto semiotics now.
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