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Full Version: Tim Kelly & Brandon Martinez on Cultural Marxism and the BRICS Psyop
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Quote:Had a great discussion here with Timothy Kelly. We touched on Putin/Russia worship in alt-media, alt-media complicity with the emerging "BRICS" psyop, the Cultural Marxist assault on Western culture, the role of Jewish supremacy in the World Wars, the Frankfurt School, Neoconservatism, Zionism, etc.


Tim's site: http://tkelly6785757.podomatic.com

Corbett Report: Interview 1014 – Financial Survival: Why the Dollar is Rising, and How it Will Fall

Quote:The USDX has been rising steadily since last summer…but why? Can it be sustained? Is the dollar due for a fall, and if so, what is going to take its place. Join James and Alfred for their weekly conversation on finance and politics as they discuss the dollar, the Fed, the Eurozone, the yuan, the SDR, and the fate of the global economy.

Triffin dilemma
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