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Full Version: cant access the site
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On desktop. Only my phone.

Is there an issue? Anyone else having probs?
you can't sign in or you just can't view the site?

i had an issue with chrome about not being able to sign in but I just updated the browser and it worked
no, its hit and miss on the desktop, most times i cant access your site on my desktop on firefox. I dont use chrome so i dont know.

this is on my laptop right now, but 98% of the time i cant access your site on either my laptop or desktop, only my phone.
i cant load the page, it just hangs and doesnt load.
do you work for some govt agency?

i know some govt agencies have blocked our site.

it seems to be working well for me through VPN proxy so I'm guessing it is working well for others

perhaps canada is selectivelly throttling down non-PC websites? dunno
no, i am self employed, this is my home internet. seems to be working on my laptop for the time being. will have to keep an eye on it.
I've never had any problems on any browser.

Are you getting a 404 Page not Found?
i got PMs a while back saying this site was blocked on Dept of Defense servers
I think any blocking would happen from the ISP, and he's able to access via his laptop on the same network.

My guess is that he needs to clear the DNS Cache on his Windows Desktop.
Start -> CMD to open a command-line. Then type 'ipconfig /flushdns' and press enter.
I just cleared the cache, and for it to be giving me trouble on more than 1 machine is a bit weird.
Was able to access the site yesterday on my desktop but not today.

Funny that.
It's been fine here.

I have all the trouble at Masato's site.

We've been targeted bro.
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