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Full Version: F*cking Cars
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Will we one day allow marriage between automotive and man?

Get your tailpipe out and crank up your engines gents, make sure you clean up when your done

the one dude talks as if the cars are male, so he is a wtff?

hide yo keys, hide yo cars tape yo tail pipes!

trying to blame religion from the get go.

most religious people don't have that many sexual hangups.

this is an odd story though. wonder if it's true.
weird as hell.

don't see the point.

i see the car as an extension of you and your personality.. not some love object
I have never heard of this mental alteration, heres the bigger question, I dont have time to watch the whole thing so who does and who that may be afflicted with this odd behaviour, would want to share it?

people are crazy animals

I am beside myself on where to go for a ride, I mean drive today after watching
i wonder if this is legit
at least some of these shows have to be fake.

bbc is the master of fake news anyways. they could have hired 2 actors to do this
He's courageous. What a hero. I expect him to be on the cover of Vanity Fair and winning an award on ESPN very soon.
Buckle up Buckaroo!

I just finished watching South Park tonight.

It turns out the real enemy is the ads.

Not the media, not the ninjas, not ISIS, not gentrification, not Mr. Garrison, not Whole Foods, not PC...

Seriously. I mean, more serious than a Cain/Verdum rematch anyway.

You can watch the whole season 19 here: http://www.couchtuner.ag/watch-south-park-online111/

Let me know what you think. I think they crafted the whole season beginning to end very well.
I've heard of this years ago. .

Also Too Short had a line talking about skeezas "she wanna fuck my car".
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"You can't write good satirical fiction in America because reality will quickly outdo anything you might invent."
- Philip Roth

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