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I love traditional Chinese music. This is actually Taiwanese aboriginal singing. Listen to this and tell me Chinese people don't have soul.

^ that melody is really popular.

same melody in a-mei's "jie mei" song

this is considered one of the best in C-pop history

listen to the ocean is one of the most powerful balads of all time. I agree. she can actually belt out a tune for a little Chinese girl.
Chinese are masters of ballads. they can't do anything else though.

the chiense language sucks for fast singing.

japanese is the best for fast singing.
when you listen back to old songs, old tunes.. and remember old times.. you can tell how filthy the world is today. satan has taken full control.
yeah. when i used to blast those CD's in my walkman. I was such a sentimental fragile creature who was always in love with my girl. Never did I think about cheating.

Now I blast hip pop and club music. all it reminds me of is big ass and titties...... curves..... and sexing. I am always thinking about that shit.

I haven't listened to those Chinese songs in literally a decade. That karaoke session is bringing back memories. I want to go back to the boy i was. lol
People underestimate the power of music. they really do.

this shit can change your core.

its vibrations going into your brain.
yup. when I hear those club banging music and i associate all the thick bitches i pick up at the clubs, doing coke and banging in the washrooms. all those sexual memories just come flooding back. when i listen to these emotional balads, i just want to fall in love. i'm an emotional creature

Post more songs EY. don't let this thread die. i'll come back with more stephen chow stuff. China's taking over.

PARTY BOX karaoke beijing 3 am.. drunk on whiskey wid mad bishes!

hahaha. this shit brings back memories.
this is mandatory at every KTV session!

(04-26-2013 05:54 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]this is mandatory at every KTV session!

LMAO that bitch sang this track last friday lOL. i remember it.
this reminds me of 5 am at the 7/11 when i'm buying water/drinks after a hard night of partying

or early morning breakfast after partying

Great thread. I'm enjoying a lot of the music posted!
these days are over.. it's very blase now.

deep partying ended around 2011.

it was the funnest around 08-09
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