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It is middle relative to all of the billionaries.
Quote:Stoking Tensions: Brad Pitt and Angelina "CFR" Jolie

Disney’s most popular villainess may have made herself a new enemy. While in China, on a promotional tour for Maleficent, Angelina Jolie sparked an international kerfuffle by referring to China and Taiwan as if they were separate countries. The controversial statement came up when Jolie was asked to name her favorite Chinese director; she identified Life of Pidirector Ang Lee, who is Taiwanese-American.

“I am not sure if you consider Ang Lee Chinese, he’s Taiwanese, but he does many Chinese-language films with many Chinese artists and actors,” Jolie answered. “And I think his works and the actors in his films are the ones I am most familiar with and very fond of.”

Chinese social media has since reportedly blown up, with comments calling Jolie “traitorous” and a “deranged Taiwan independence supporter.” Some threatened to boycott her for, in the words of one user, “disrespecting Chinese sovereignty.” Meanwhile, Taiwanese internet users are said to be praisingthe actress, with one calling her a “brave and brilliant woman.”

Jolie’s Ang Lee statement doesn’t sound too extreme from an outsider’s perspective, but China’s relationship with Taiwan is a touchy subject. Although Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China, the province has been governed separately from mainland China since 1949. An active Taiwan independence movement still exists, which the Chinese government vehemently opposes. Though relationships have improved since 2008, the Taiwanese Strait is still considered a potential conflict zone.

All of which is probably why Jolie, a U.N. ambassador, was so careful in choosing her words to describe Ang Lee — a choice that clearly backfired.

Fortunately, Jolie is being joined on her press tour by somebody who understands her situation very well: Brad Pitt. The actor was reportedly banned from China after making the 1997 film Seven Years in Tibet, which portrayed the Chinese military in Tibet as harsh and unjust. Ironically, the Maleficentpress tour marks Pitt’s first public trip to China since that controversy.

It remains to be seen whether Jolie’s words will affect Maleficent’s international box office, of which China is a key part. Thus far, the movie has been doing well; according to theWall Street Journal, it’s currently the second highest-grossing film in Taipei, after Edge of Tomorrow.

As delicate a subject as Taiwan-Chinese relations are, Jolie is literally a diplomat — so perhaps she’ll find a way to recover. And just think: if she’d answered Zhang Yimou instead of Ang Lee, none of this would be happening.
TAIWAN and China are de facto separate countries... yes technically every single major country on earth recognizes the PRC. But they also maintain trade and diplomatic relations with Taiwan. They pretty much act as if it is a separate government from the PRC.

So IRL even that "one China" policy is just a dumb technicality. It only exists on paper.

Taiwan should rule all of China in the future IMO. Their culture and values are simply superior.

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Mao should have died a natural death during the 1950s IMO.

Yes he was a great general. Yes he managed to free China from foreign influence forever. (When that scumbag Jiang Jieshi was in charge, there were Westerners in China discriminating against Chinese ppl UNDER HIS WATCH... wtf. The Communist Party would never tolerate such foolishness.) And yes he punished the corrupt landlord and bourgeois classes that were oppressing the Chinese peasantry. The Guomindang was the polar opposite in every single way.

But his ideas about how to govern a country were a complete catastrophe. Millions of Chinese citizens died needlessly from famine. Hundreds of thousands were jailed, tortured, and persecuted for frivolous reasons. The Cultural Revolution alone is responsible for 80+% of the problems in Chinese society today.

In a perfect universe, Mao would have passed away during the early years of the PRC and allowed the more moderate factions of the communist party to seize power. NO great leap forward, NO cultural revolution, no Red Guard zealots running around destroying priceless heritage and culture.

But unfortunately you cannot have a general as strong and iron-willed as Mao without first cracking some eggs. He was the second coming of Qin Shi Huangdi.

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long term I do think the communist takeover would be seen as a good t hing. it was a type of reset button for China.

China was crippled by tradition and superstitious beliefs. Now they are rediscovering these old beliefs but through a modern lens.

so I think he can be seen as the 2nd Qin emperor.

Chinese culture will always come back. it's that resilient.
(06-24-2014 09:11 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]long term I do think the communist takeover would be seen as a good t hing. it was a type of reset button for China.

China was crippled by tradition and superstitious beliefs. Now they are rediscovering these old beliefs but through a modern lens.

so I think he can be seen as the 2nd Qin emperor.

Chinese culture will always come back. it's that resilient.


Mao destroyed both good and bad traditions throughout China.

The #1 reason why Taiwan is wealthy today is because capitalism is a superior ideology to socialism...and because the Japanese did a lot to improve infrastructure, health, and literacy. That's it.

It has very little to do with Guomindang policies, other than what they copied from the Japanese.

Chiang Kai Shek was notorious for his incompetence and his buffoonery even as far away as eastern Europe. If you put Chiang in charge of a nation as large as China, he would have failed miserably. China would have become a breeding ground for foreign infiltration and NWO filth.

This idiot couldn't even hold onto one province of China by the final year of the civil war. How could he possibly manage 900 million people?

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Well to be fair the US cut off funding to Chiang and continued to support Mao.

But I do think CHiang would have messed things up in his own way had the Nationalists won. Probably would have opened up China to much more foreign influence than Mao did.

The KMT are seen as MORE HUMANE but more corrupt.

the Commies were less corrupt (because there was no wealth anyways) but less humane.
the thing about Mao is that he cut off China's contact with the outside world for at least 30-40 years which gave the US a lot of time to prevent China from rising earlier.

Without foreign encroachment in the 30's by Japan China would have become the #1 world superpower by now. Shanghai was very modern already in the 1930's.
You're missing the point.

Just look at south Korea. Koreans are rich. The whole world buys their phones, electronics, machine parts,.ships, and automobiles. They went from Africa level poverty to first world status within 40 years... and give or take a decade they will easily eclipse Japan in per capita GDP.

That being said... so what? SK is still America's bottom bitch. A week or so ago there was a GAY PRIDE parade in Seoul and guess who was promoting and finding that shit? Of course, fucking American NGOs. Even the US Embassy was openly supporting this debauchery and there was hardly a word of protest from Korean people.

China needs a strong government because the people are weak.. and also logistics ensure that development cannot occur there the way it did in Taiwan. Just look at all the major infrastructure programs you see around you.

The communist party was the FIRST government in 5000 years history to tame the mighty Huang He... which throughout history has killed tens of millions of people through flooding and has changed its course by hundreds of miles. That's the equivalent of somebody ending famine forever in Africa.

I know for SURE the GMD could never achieve something on that level. China wasn't exactly developing at a rapid pace before and during the war with Japan, and a major part of this is because of corrupt GMD rule. They couldn't build railroads. Their hired goons and corrupt bureaucrats openly stole from the Chinese people. THEY LET WHITE PEOPLE ABUSE CHINESE CITIZENS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it.

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But I agree with you that Mao was a destructive influence over China, at least starting from 1958 when the famines began.

Like I said.. he should have died and allowed the less radical elements within the party to seize power... under that scenario, China could have started market reforms within a matter of years.

The entire leadership of the CCP was too gutless and cowardly to oppose his dictatorial rule.

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41 yrs ago today ...


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the only and last chinaman the west upheld.

he was special.
in many ways the west was far less racist in the 50's 60's and 70's than they are today.

No asian star today can be as big as bruce lee was in the 70's.

also media portrayals of asians weren't as bad back then.

back then the catholics controlled the media.
Jul 2014 last post?!?!

Sean Lau Ching-wan and Nicholas Tse

Excellent movie! Loved it. Modeled after Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

Mystery solved by 2 cops, Lau and Tse. Movie is different than Holmes in that Holmes movies can never do what TBV did

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wow time flies
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