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Full Version: Alex Jones calls Obama a Muslim Infiltrator
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And he says that the FBI and the Secret service have turned on Obama because they are sick of it, and there will be a civil war.

He was boarding a plane to meet a very high up person, so he can stop the civil war.

I can't link direct to the video, but it's about half way down on his facebook page.

I'll take "Why Alex Needs to cut down on smoking pot" for $300
this guy's doomsday predictions have never panned out.

he does it so he can sell his lifestraw and ready reserve foods
He's a gatekeeper, as you say. Unfortunately, he does a disservice to anti-Globalism when he acts like this.
Lol, fervently pro-gay, probably gay, Muslim infiltrator. Maybe Obama does consider himself Muslim, but it's so old hat, I thought Alex was cutting edge?
(01-05-2016 01:29 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]this guy's doomsday predictions have never panned out.

he does it so he can sell his lifestraw and ready reserve foods

I didn't know he made lifestraw.

Those things are great, I own several.
I don't think he's the one making it. It's just in the Infowars shop.
Pfft, more like just another Jew infiltrator.
I call Jones a gravel-voiced idiot.

The man will scream whatever he thinks people want to hear if he thinks it will keep him relevant. I have no idea how he has any kind of following at all.
[Image: j64qk7.jpg]
I like when he cries.
Once again he's throwing away his credibility for short-term gains. We've seen the cycle play twice already.

Stage 1
-Jones gets publicity/name-recognition with public stunts.
-He converts dissidents into CTers with hard-hitting documentaries.
-He builds a steady viewer-base by interviewing quality guests.
-Interest grows in Libertarian philosophy and 'awakened' ones start recruiting friends.
-Grassroots groups stage protests under the Infowars banner and create a an image of Revolution.
-The Infowars brand grows by providing a 24/7 news as replacement to the MSM people are used to.

Stage 2
-The tone of panic in the articles gets people hooked because they feel something BIG is about to happen.
-Infowars pocket tons of advertising money. People realize its totally profit motivated.
-Jones shifts the focus to mainstream Republican issues, reels CTers back to center-right.
-Viewers and Guests start distancing themselves, profits go down.
-Jones starts getting called a shill, and is treated with no respect.

Stage 3
-Jones latches on to hot-topics and pop-culture garbage to boost views.
-Jones latches on to alternative candidates who he thinks represent his views.
-Jones is viewed as a sell-out and loyal viewers turn on him.
-Jones starts proclaiming he's targeted by the establishment, his life is in danger.
-Jones proclaims the apocalypse is starting / the revolution is beginning.

When it doesn't happen he lies low for a little while, then gets back on the horse with a novel public stint the cycle repeats with a new generation.
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