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Full Version: Life of Pi Boston Bomber???????
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I personally believe there are no coincidences in life. I believe we are co-partners in a script, and even our smallest of decisions are part of our destiny. I feel the entire world is a calculation. It could be the case, it might not, but that is my belief.

With that being said........go ahead and have some fun with this if you like.

If you're familiar with the Life of Pi movie that came out late last year, it has some coincidences.

Bomber was found in a boat:

[Image: Life-of-Pi-2012-2.jpg]

This is the profile image of the alleged bomber on twitter:

[Image: 6de1f015d9bcef48a8f304d44458bff4.jpeg]

Now, I realize that is a lion and the other is a tiger, but for the sake of this just shut the fuck up.

Now, Pi. The birthday of this alleged bomber found in the boat is Pi Approximation Day (July 22nd / 7/22). July 22nd is recognized as Pi Approximation Day because 22/7 equals 3.14 (pi).


That's not even all though. This bombing happened on April 15th. This day happens to be Jackie Robinson Day. As some of you know a movie about his life just hit theaters titled "42", dedicated to his baseball number. I went to see the movie on that exact day.

Now...........you'll notice that Boston is at 42 degrees latitude on the globe. Check it. Also keep in mind that Jackie Robinson was the first black MLB baseball player, and Obama the first black President. Jackie was most famous for RUNNING. He was a track star at UCLA and famously stole home plate in a MLB game.

Now 42 is not a random number here. Remember the number 42 is very significant in the Book of Revelation, detailing the anti-christ being in power. Also note that at 42 months to the day of Obama first taking office was the Dark Knight Rises movie theater massacre.

Oddly enough, there are exactly 216 stitches on a baseball. I counted them myself after I became aware of this. Now 216 equals 6 times 6 times 6, and Barack Obama's birthday is the 216th day of the year, also the exact same day the Second Temple of Solomon was destroyed.

I'm a skeptic, and I wish I could say things like this are coincidental, but they are not, in my personal opinion. LOL, remember we have just had an unprecedented event with the Vatican as well. This all looks to me like prophecy.
Cant think of anything to say...
LOL^^ I did like the life of pi movie.
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