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Full Version: C(ia)NN really rubbing it in our face now - Anderson Cooper Green Screen Commercial
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this isn't funny at all.

this degenerate humor has run its course

give me TRUMP
I meant this...

[Image: contrailscience.com_skitch_cooper_nose_2...094301.jpg]

[Image: contrailscience.com_skitch_Cooper__NOSE_...095510.png]
I want to see Masato kick his ass.
(12-30-2015 04:14 AM)canuckster Wrote: [ -> ]I want to see Masato kick his ass.

It wouldn't surprise me if you punched Anderson Cooper and that white milk shit that the androids in Aliens had for blood came out.
It's kind of funny in a way.

They're showing the public how their propaganda/fake news is made.

Basically, they're asking intelligent people not to believe what they see on TV.

Most likely because it's funny to them that they know a majority will believe it anyway.

Most of the Sandy Hook stuff was done in the studio. We all knew that.

All but maybe one or two.
AC actually addressed the CTers quite a few times

why dignify "ridiculous" arguments?
Cooper is the spokesman for CIA-Wall Street-Skull and Bones.

His mother was a Vanderbilt, he comes from old money.
yep he comes from the old anglo disestablishment
Kathy Griffin doing her best Peggy Bundy impression.
electric slide lol. there is a very fake quality about this vid

(12-30-2015 07:19 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]

That was good. Definitely something fishy going on. The man in blue doesn't look like it's in the same video of the background people.

The other videos of the walking around people are good too. When sped up and tracked those people literally walked around and around, back and forth into and out of that building for no apparent reason.

And where we're all those 700 kids??
the 700 kids is the main evidence I use. 500-700 kids should have been running around everywhere at the firehouse


in every pic or video you won't see more than 10-15 kids.

you see adults everywhere. this is consistent with a drill because you can't expect 700 kids to keep a secret like this
very good video showing how it's done

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