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Full Version: BRAND NEW! Sandy Hook Documentary: The Life Of Adam
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I guess it's new...

Finally, I have been looking forward to this.

love the zany music as well... fits the bizarro world of sandy hook very well
incredible production

these guys know what they are doing
the guy in the DDR clip actually looks like Adam Lanza. it's possible he did exist assuming that clip wasn't set up
heavy hitting. WOW

pretty much proving that Adam = Ryan right from the beginning
[Image: blank_face_smiley_sticker-p2170855150842...xz_400.jpg]

Nothing new to see here at all to if you've really been following closely.

Whoever did this has wasted their time trying to get the masses to wake up and hopefully getting those involved and calling the shots strung up. This is not the best way to do it. It's been tried and failed miserably for 9/11 but for one organization. And, for good reason.

Based on scientific forensic evidence 2500 professional engineers, architects, physicists, explosive experts, and many more related academics signing petition/affidavits & giving video testimony for a congressional/public inquiry & giving video testimony... have not managed to do this for 9/11.

300 professional pilots from civilian and former-military have also signed a petition/affidavits & givin video testimony stating that maneuvers the 3 9/11 airliners performed were only possible by fighter pilots and the planes were not civilian airplanes by their under structure. They have not managed to do this either.

Does anybody really think amateur online researchers using substandard forensic research methodology... with many shaky pieces of not-that-compelling circumstantial evidence... filled with an unbelievable amount of conjecture are going to outdo what AE & Pilots for 9/11 truth what. I mean like 3000 expert witnesses with real scientific evidence???

AE 9/11 is still making a lot of headway due to their model. It's hard to argue with that many experts... right? ZERO conspiracy theories, all scientific data and thousand of world-class experts! Anything beyond the provable science like motives?, how did they do it?, who all was involved?... shoots themselves in the foot. People stop listening if you go outside the science bringing into questions their world reality. AE 9/11 has the best chance of really getting the masses to see there needs to be a public inquiry.

Until they have a few hundred local, state & federal law enforcement experts signing a petition for a public inquiry... as well as a whole bunch of forensic experts, SHT is going nowhere.
the strongest data in sandy hook isn't quantitative .. it's mostly qualitative and circumstantial

what this is doing is spreading awareness. it's better than nothing

the beginning bit about no records for Adam was well done. yeah I knew about it, but they put it together in a nice sequential format
you cannot compare sandy hook to 9/11

9/11 has national security implications so any FOIA requests can be stonewalled easily

with Sandy Hook it was a domestic school shooting and it touched the core emotions of most american parents.

there is more than enough evidence to completely prove the official story is false.

CTers don't have to tell people what happened, they can just prove what didn't happen or what evidence is missing

Amazon isn't banning 9/11 books or even books like the protocols

but they ARE BANNING Sandy Hook books.

what this shows is that this is the apex issue in reality research. it is the vanguard and prob the most dangerous area
it's very obvious the media purposefully threw out tons of misinformation to distort the entire event... effectively creating a smokescreen

they said the dad was killed in the school, then they said it was Ryan who did it, then they said Adam got into a fight prior in the parking lot, they said the mom was a kindergarten teacher, they showed footage from a diff. school at some points

you can't get that many things wrong .. this is a very effective tactic to cause confusion and chaos to eliminate a consistent narrative that people can easily pick apart.
Very well done documentary. Provides some interesting pieces of evidence for multiple shooters.
i was a 9/11 guy for awhile and never got even 1/10th the heat I got compared to Sandy Hook

there are legions of dedicated trolls looking to discredit and defame anyone who is asking sincere questions about this strange event

amazon is banning books, teachers and professors are losing their jobs left and right for discussing this

AE for 9/11 truth I bet most of those guys still have their jobs. 9/11 is already a lame duck issue. we have people admitting ISIS is funded by NATO/US and no one cares

but if the masses find out about Sandy hook, oh boi will they care. It will be HUGE.


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