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Full Version: King of Vulgarity PSY is back with another HUGE HIT 70 mm views one week
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1 million likes

hilarious vid.. but it's kind of raunchy

How is PSY the king of vulgarity?

Come on man. Judgmental much?
The dude is so light on his feet it's ridiculous.

I hear he got that from his daddy. That's not vulgar, it's fun and funny.

This is vulgar

[Image: miley-dildo.jpg]
It's like a tribute to his dad too. I'll bet his daddy approves.
He's not even as vulgar as.... Weird Al.
Just eat it!
his stuff is pretty vulgar but in an entertaining light hearted way

it's not classy stuff. not saying it's depraved

miley is depraved
He has a special, funny flavor. It's light hearted, not raunchy.

And the boy can dance, like really dance. PSY can practically float.
yeah the new vid is entertaining. I think he can rack up 1 billion views maybe with this

[Image: giphy.gif]
grabbing your crotch in front of 5 year old kids and doing the pussy lick flick in front of your teach isn't vulgar?

i don't have my definitions right?


he's the king of vulgarity
He's vulgar, but hardly the king
Dammit my av is gone again.
vulgar implies a type of softcore lewdness.

i think the description is apt and he's one of the most popular artists in the world
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