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Full Version: GOP Candidates Completely Wrong on Origin of ISIS in Latest Debate
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Just how far does AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson have their hands up Rubio and Christie's asses? "Iran and Assad created ISIS". LOL

these people are truly mind controlled and probably believe their lies

this is a truman show reality

but the dude is right about Assad being the reason for the creation of ISIS. the west created ISIS to take down Assad.
CBS trying to go CT now. they have no choice, they'd rather you watch their mild CT rather than RT
It's a dog and pony show with sponsored mouthpieces. None of them know anything except what they are told to know.

No shame in the game baby. Any of them will say water is dry and cake is pie if they are told to say it.
I think some CT is fine in the MSM as long as it fits into the partisan divide.

Many on the Right who want to appear sophisticated or 'in the know' babble about Benghazi like it was Pearl Harbor + 9/11.
And then on the Left you have the SJW/Democracy Now types who will talk about Guantanamo because it's forgotten 'Bush Era' stuff.
^Dupes, the whole lot of them. They can't see anything outside their narrow polarized view. It's funny because conservatives I know think I am a liberal and liberals think I am a conservative.

The true struggle is between the power of the state and the power of the individual. Both liberals and conservatives are on the side of the state because their narrow views unwittingly support the establishment.
last 2 posts = GOOD
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