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Full Version: Clash of Clans goes politically correct NO CHRISTMAS
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been playing this game for 1-2 years. there has always been a xmas theme. not this year.

they have gone anti-christian PC

lots of anti-male feminist themes in their advertising too.

the guys all get killed, the girls are portrayed as the smart and cool ones. they are never killed off in the adverts.

meanwhile the barbarians and giants are portrayed as bumbling brutes
I could never get into COC. On the phone I could never deploy the way I wanted, so I gave it up.

I found a similar PC game I play once in a while, Girl's Kingdom: http://www.nutaku.net/games/girls-kingdom/play/

It's almost exactly like Clash of Clans for the PC, but girls do everything and you can sex them.

I'm not sure what they're doing about Christmas though.
Happy Holidays!
Have Yourself a Kwality Kwanza, EY!
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