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Full Version: RF/WIFI frequencies may be dangerous
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Pupils at risk from radiation, Euro experts warn
Mobile phones and wireless internet should be banned from schools because they pose too great a risk to children’s health, a controversial study has warned.
The stark claims go against the overwhelming body of existing research, which suggests such devices are perfectly safe.
But an influential Council of Europe committee said that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobiles, computers with wi-fi internet connections and even baby monitors could cause cancer and impair brain

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Why Aren’t Radio And TV Frequencies As Dangerous?

Radio and TV frequencies operate at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are therefore, less harmful to humans. But the higher up you go, the greater the potential risk there is. As mentioned, at the very top of the spectrum you get all the dangerous stuff, like x-rays and gamma rays which, as we all know, can be dangerous and sometimes deadly.

What’s Wrong With Wi-Fi?

As mentioned above, Wi-Fi currently works at 2.4 Ghz, or, the same frequency as a microwave oven. Cell phones, another hotly contested topic, on the other hand, were initially designed to work at this same frequency, but this was then changed because it was thought to be too dangerous.

Currently, the frequencies used to communicate wirelessly via cell phones and Wi-Fi, which happen to be the highest in the frequency broadcast range, are, as you can see above, in the medium to high megahertz range for cell phones, and in the low gigahertz range for Wi-Fi. There are one thousand megas in a giga! So we have jumped from FM radio at around 100 MHz and TV at between 400 – 1000 MHz, to cell phones at 880 – 1900 MHz (in the US), and WiFi at 2.6 Ghz!!! You see the TV adverts praising these achievements, the increased “connectivity” of this much raw power, but…can you see that there just might be something wrong with this picture?

So, the next time you are sat in your favorite coffee shop, airport lounge, library, hotel lobby, or maybe even your own living room, office, or even your favorite park (yes, some communities are going wired in the park!), you may want to remember – you are probably being bathed in dangerous Wi-Fi radiation! Many people nowadays use Wi-Fi in their homes simply because it is really convenient, but the problem is – they are being exposed to it 24/7, even when they are sleeping, unless they turn it off, like we do, when they are not using it.
I never realized this was so dangerous. many EU countries are going to ban this thing in schools.

Eric Dollard- TOO MUCH RF

i'm gonna start turning this shit off when I sleep, the WIFI

2.4 ghz is crazy..

i never stopped to think about that.
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