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Full Version: Duper's Delight - San Bernardino Edition
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For those who wish to donate and help them reach their $100,000.00 goal, the link to their GoFundMe page can be found below.

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TED Talk - The segment on duping delight starts at around the 13:00-14:00 mark.

Very chipper bunch.

Jesus these idiots have no shame.
this is ridiculous. always the same host too Anderson Cooper.

you don't want to talk to the media after losing your mom and you won't act in that kind of hysterical non grieving manner

they are going on overdrive with this stuff.. to the point where you can't even keep up

winning by psychological attrition
focus on the origin point, SANDY HOOK

that is the granddaddy issue of them all

the consequences are dire if the people don't stand up to this. you don't stand up to this you are consenting to a FALSE REALITY

think about that long and hard
seems like most of these victims are christian too.

charleston, sandy hook, this family etc. etc.

i guess it gives plausible deniability for a lot of the bad acting.

like "hey they are just pious christians who forgive and are eager to meet their loved ones in heaven"
It's just funny how this young girl gives away the entire hoax.

Not just by the duping delight but, also, by the ridiculous script.

She says her mom told her:

"I just want to you know, If I do go..."

Huh? Wait a second? Where is her mom going? I thought this happened suddenly?

"I don't want you grieving or, like, crying..."

Why not grieve? And why is it the mom must address this all of a suddenly when she was perfectly healthy?

"that's, like, when I'm taken into a place and, like, just going off that."

Taken into a place? Why is the mother alarming her children that she might be "taken into a place"?

Where the heck was she expecting to go?
i think they are trying to recondition people to accept tragedy as something positive.

people see this as normal grieving and gradually people become more desensitized or think this is an acceptable way to grieve.



check the vid at 13:00

it looks artificial
(12-13-2015 06:24 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]focus on the origin point, SANDY HOOK

that is the granddaddy issue of them all

No... the origin point for these is 9/11. That is the great grand daddy of all of these. No real outrage large enough to wake the entire world up will happen until that ultimate deception falls. 3000 of your own fucking a people ffs! That would get the masses to finally storm the Bastille.
Dag knows what's up.
9/11 is the origin point of the modern conspiracy movement.

sandy hook is the origin point of engineered news.

9/11 happened, buildings fell, people died. who did it is debateable.
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