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Full Version: Russia Doomsday Device Leaked On StateTV Purposely: US Fools 2 Upset Nuclear Balance
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This was rumored to be in place & functional way back in the 60's. It probably was developed at the time.

America took this super seriously at the time during the cold war. A huge amount of American espionage resources went into gaining Soviet exotic weapon's intelligence. Many US operatives died trying to get their hands on data on these things even trying to steal pieces of real hardware.

Even if not manufacture then... the design plans & nuclear physics behind this thing were tried & tested sitting on the shelf for 40 years waiting to be green-lighted for production.

Quote:[Image: H0g4aK.jpg]
[Image: wvf8eV.jpg]
[Image: 87cXUc.jpg]

[Image: russian-president-vladimir-putin-getty.jpg]


[Image: UrN0uqt.png]


[Image: meet-the-pr-firm-that-helped-vladimir-pu...ountry.jpg]

Is the U.S. Navy Deployed for WW3?

By Petri Krohn for Fort Russ
3rd January, 2016

[Image: 140923-N-KA273-013-1024x681.jpg]

I was shocked to see the latest map of the positions of the U.S. nuclear carrier fleet. In normal circumstances about half of the 10 Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers are out to sea, while the rest are in port or in maintenance. On December 31st only USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) is in the Persian Gulf waging the phoney war against ISIS. All other carriers are at their home ports or at dockyards for repairs and maintenance.

[Image: maritime_31_12-1024x1024.jpg]

The U.S. carrier fleet is good for "power projection", for waging neocolonial wars against third world countries. It is less useful against superpower enemies like Russia and China. In a hot war with Russia all U.S. carriers within striking distance from Russia would be sunk in the first hours of the war by Russian submarines or air-launched long-range missiles. Is the U.S. saving its carriers by keeping them safely in port. Is the U.S. Navy preparing for World War 3?


For comparison, see this map from November 20, 2015: five carriers are out to sea.

[Image: maritime_20_11-1024x1024.jpg]

All Will Die, but It Will Remain: The Threat of the Russian Nuclear "Perimeter" to the U.S

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
3rd January, 2016


[Image: 2-23.jpg]

Let's be clear - a nuclear war, at least between the two countries, will lead to unpredictable global shocks. And the obsession with Americans about "the local use of nuclear weapons" is utter nonsense and a utopia. It is, figuratively speaking, like a splash from a glass of water in the face of an opponent, from which a strong wind blows. There are other popular comparisons, but the meaning of it is already understood: the response will be adequate.

In fact, on the topic of the adequacy of the response, if the US suddenly decided to apply the same preventive nuclear strike on Russia, naively believing that they will be left without retribution, they will not remain. Even if all of a sudden (well, fictionally speaking) they destroyed all the command posts of the Russian army , the "Perimeter" system will take action.

[Image: 8126157.jpg]

Much is known about its past, and even the fact of its "funeral", celebrated in the U.S., was recorded in the media. But "Perimeter", dubbed in the West as "Dead hand" and in Japan "Hand from the grave", unbeknownst to many, was "resurrected" in 2009, but now it is changed beyond absolute recognition to foreign intelligence services.

"Perimeter" was originally the system of independent management of the Strategic Missile forces. The system called for the creation of such technologies and softwares that allow in all conditions, even the most disadvantaged, to bring an order of missile launches directly to the starting team. According to the creators of the "Perimeter" system, it could produce the preparation and launch of missiles, even if everyone was dead and no one was around to give the order.

[Image: 8123085.jpg]

"Perimeter" was to engage in the regular collection and processing of huge volumes of information. From all sorts of sensors, it received different information: status of communication with the superior command post, the radiation situation in the surrounding area, registered nuclear explosions etc... The system had the ability to analyze the changing military and political situation in the world; The system has the ability to analyze the changes in the military and political situation in the world and independently evaluate commands received over a certain period of time. On this basis it can be concluded that in the world that something is wrong. When the system believed that it was its time, it would activate and run the command to prepare missile launches.

In this case, "Perimeter" could not begin active operations in peacetime. Even if there was no communication and the entire fire-fighting crew has left the starting position, there were still other settings that blocked the system. That is, the system itself will not release spontaneously for no apparent danger.

[Image: 8124109.jpg]

But if the control panel receives signals of threat, if it is clear that the country has undergone a massive attack, – here, the "Perimeter" would not blunder and would automatically use the full potential of retaliation.

We're talking about the "Perimeter" system in the past tense for the reason that its original purpose is only known. Its current use is beyond a secret. We only know that in a modified version of this shock component of the strategic missile forces is an inevitable retribution. And not only because of the possibility to strike back, when, figuratively speaking, the world will plunge into darkness and chaos. Most importantly, this retaliation is simply impossible to deflect due to technical capabilities of strategic purpose.

The "Perimeter" system is still the only "doomsday device" existing in the world , a weapon of guaranteed retaliation, the existence of which is officially confirmed. And the USA are well aware of this.

If we talk about the concept of the system "Perimeter", it is intended to guarantee a start-up order of ballistic missiles in case of a crushing blow by a foe on the territory of our country, which will be destroyed by all units of the strategic missile forces command, who are able to order a retaliatory strike.

[Image: 8112845.jpg]

The "Perimeter" system is so classified that the principle of its work itself is unknown. And only a few men of the highest military-political leadership of Russia are informed about new qualities and capabilities of "Perimeter". It's safe to say that among them are the President of the country Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karakaev. However, they do not necessarily participate in activating the "Perimeter". The "All systems go" system takes over automatically.

In essence, the "Perimeter" system is an alternative command system for all military branches, which are armed with nuclear warheads (SNF –Strategic nuclear forces). It is a backup system in case key nodes of the command system "Kazbek" – the so-called "nuclear briefcase" that holds all the codes for the enactment of the nuclear system – and communication lines of the strategic missile forces are destroyed by the first blow.

[Image: 8110797.jpg]

In order to ensure the implementation of its role, the system was originally designed to be fully automatic, and in the case of a massive attack, it is able to independently act without human intervention, being able to decide on a retaliatory strike.

It is clear that in the West the very existence of this system in Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) is called immoral. In the US, however, the right to a pre-emptive nuclear strike on any state is reserved. But a deadly return of fire to them is somehow alarming. That's nice as it is like a deterrent, giving real guarantees if a potential enemy fails to grasp the concept of a preventive crushing blow, which benefits us. And at the Pentagon they are well aware of this, and therefore burn with anger.

[Image: 8111821.jpg]

Quote: "The deterrent is a compelling force," considers the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies & technologies Ruslan Pukhov. "The proverbial arms race that existed between the USSR and the USA allowed our country to get the right security at the expense of a powerful military potential, including in the nuclear sphere. Now no one will dare to speak with Russia from a position of strength, knowing that the response will be devastating for any opponent. And it's good that we have such a potential. But this is not the full potential of the Russian army, which in recent years has reached a whole new level of armaments. Including information technologies that have already affirmed our involvement in the Syrian conflict, where the apparent success of our operation has been acknowledged even by our enemies. And the "Perimeter" system is like a battleship, which stands on the side, but is always ready for action."

From open sources it is known that the upgraded "Perimeter" system was replaced for combat duty in 2011. All other secrets are hidden under the stamp of secrecy.

I'd hope "Perimeter" is closed-circuit so to speak.

What's left to do when a global superpower is perceived as default, and mad about it?
I wonder how long it would take the Chinese to hack that system and blow up America by proxy.
I wonder if it's real because a country that can't build cars shouldn't be able to build this.
perimeter system sounds nuts

it makes sense though. it detects the radiation situation and if the whole country is filled with it, it deploys

Russia wants peace IMO but are forced to do this because of western meddling in the former soviet states. they want to build a missile defense system right next to their borders
and you can be sure this leak wasn't accidental. just a not so subtle warning to the NWO about trying to create a global missile defense system that will upset the balance of power.
you can bet your ass US and Israel or even China have a system like this, although maybe not as sophisticated

they have nukes in remote mountains, in stealth submarines etc. ready to be activated

it's known as 2nd strike
(01-10-2016 11:08 AM)Billygoat Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if it's real because a country that can't build cars shouldn't be able to build this.

Yeah, I wonder if the Russians developing the first ICBM, first manned space flight, first to orbit the earth, first manned space walk, first to land spacecraft on the moon, first space station, et al was real???

The Russians technologiocally wiped the floor with the US in rocketry and other aerospace technology except for a man landing on the moon. And even then America may have 'not' out did them cause that may have been faked.

For the entire cold war until 1991 the Russian had 100% military parity with the USA. 100% military technological parity. You kids don't understand that. Why do you think the US never wanted to take on the Soviet Union. Nuclear destruction of both was assured... but the US/NATO knew they could never win a conventional war against the Russians. They couldn't match their armor and armed force. For sure they could never survive a conventional war on Russian soil on an eastern front. The best mechanized fighting force the world has ever seen tried that and look how that went.

Let's get one thing straight. High technology has little to do with how asthetically appealing, or cool, western kids think something is. Or, how long they'll wait in line at the Apple store for a new iphone that has a slightly different case & glass but does the same thing as the last version. lol. Technology is about what something does and not what it looks like.

A simple 4'X2' green steel box a military develops can be a $200M electronic warfare device that can shut down a US naval battle groups weaponry & communications.... or it can be a 5 megaton manueverable thermonuclear warhead that will avoid any American anti-ICBM missipes making them useless.

Function not form is Russian design thinking. And even with the later... their sense of asthetics is different.
billy brings up a decent point though... Russia doesn't make any consumer level stuff that the world respects.. yet they claim to have the best weaponry. military tech trickles down to consumer tech generally, but in russia it doesn't happen.

russian cars are pitiful.

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