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Full Version: Bookish Asian student shows composure vs fanatical leftist students, professor
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American universities and colleges are an absolute joke nowadays. One day when I have a kid, I think I'll strongly encourage him to learn a trade. How many of the students in this video do you think will be gainfully employed after leaving the bizarro world of University of Missouri? I say maybe 10%.

The big black kids and the hysterical white feminist types seemed like they were trying to provoke the Asian kid into doing something irrational. They say Asian men have lower testosterone but higher intelligence than other races. That probably served him well here.

New Video Shows Melissa Click Is an Even Bigger Idiot Than We Thought
Posted By Doyle Murphy on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 12:42 PM

Melissa Click muscled her way right to the front of this story.

As University of Missouri student protesters celebrated a David-over-Goliath victory in a fight against racism and their own college president yesterday, the now-infamous assistant communications professor hijacked the narrative when she was filmed trying to strong-arm student photographers into leaving the public campus, even grabbing one videographer’s lens.

[Image: click3_jpg_cb_1447183485.jpg]
Melissa Click, a University of Missouri assistant communication professor, tells a cameraman to leave.

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?” Click says when student cameraman Mark Schierbecker breaches the protesters’ human barrier and asks for an interview. “I need some muscle over here.”

Schierbecker posted a new, longer version of the confrontation this morning. It shows Click marching across Mizzou’s Quad and mocking Schierbecker as he tries to explain he has a First Amendment right to record the historic day.

“I know, that’s a really good one," Click sneers sarcastically. "I’m a communication faculty, and I really get that argument, but you need to go.”

Earlier in the day, University of Missouri Systems President Tim Wolfe resigned under pressure from the student protests, which included a grad student’s eight-day hunger strike and the football team's threat to boycott Saturday’s game against Brigham Young University in Kansas City. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced shortly thereafter that he'd move to a new role at the end of the year.

Journalists from across the country flocked to the campus where they were met by a ring of protesters, declaring part of the Carnahan Quad off-limits to media.

Click wasn’t the only one to get heavy-handed with the journalists. Protesters pushed photographer Tim Tai, a student shooting freelance for ESPN, and Mizzou Assistant Director of Greek Life Janna Basler was front and center in efforts to force Tai to leave.

But Click became a lightning rod after she was identified as part of the university’s acclaimed journalism school — presumably someone who should know a little something about freedom of the press.

The school’s dean, David Kurpius, took to Twitter on Tuesday to put clarify that Click only had a “courtesy” title in the J-School — and only for as long as it would take him to rescind it.

Click, who’d previously solicited “national media” on Facebook to report on the protests, locked down her Twitter on Monday. She also removed a background photo that read “Media is Love. Everyone Welcome.”

As for the students, they came back on Tuesday, admitted they'd made mistakes in trying to quash others' First Amendment rights as they fought for theirs and invited in the journalists they tried to oust the day before. The core protest group, Concerned Student 1950, called Monday's clash a “teachable moment” and recognized reporters were “important to tell our story.”

They even handed out public service announcements to protesters, explaining their new stance. Here's hoping Click got the memo.
what a petty conflict

Why were they so adamant that reporters had to leave? I thought it was a demonstration, don't they want attention from the press? Why did they find that guy so threatening?

I don't understand

Kid was cool but he could have photographed plenty from a different spot and avoided a lot of that nonsense imo
lol @ that mob mentality. asian dude stood his ground
He was part of the problem imo

move back 10 feet FFS you got a zoom lens mofo
Glad to see he stood his ground. I hope he learned a valuable lesson about the political left.

BTW, here's her email address: clickm@missouri.edu
they were clearly bullying him with commie mob tactics

no rule says you have a "no camera zone" in a public school setting
Nothing wrong with standing up to dopey bullies the way he did.

This whole issue would have never reached mainstream had their football team not threatened to boycott their next game. Next thing you know, the university president steps down. Show's you the power these football programs have over their respective universities.

This could set a precedent. No matter how ridiculous the demands are, these big football school's can move mountains by organizing. I always hear complaints that these kids generate billions of dollars and should get paid. Whether you agree or not, all it would take is for these kids to all agree to cancel the college bowl season, or some shit.

Of course, it's much easier to threaten a game boycott when your team sucks like Mizzou this year. haha
3:23 in -- typical New Left bullying. These same loudmouths will cry for the coppers when someone breaks their nail.
He's schooling them with facts -- 'the law protects both of us to be on public space' -- and they don't like it.
Looks like letting the inmates run the asylum wasn't the best business decision.

Mizzou to close 2 more residence halls


[Image: 570c3430a3283_image_jpg_resize_1200_571.jpg]

COLUMBIA, Mo. • The University of Missouri says it's planning to close two more dorms on the Columbia campus because of a drop in residency.

KMBC-TV cites in a decrease in the number of students requiring housing at the campus for deciding to no longer offer space at the Respect or Excellence residence halls.

The university says it can reopen those dorms later if demand requires.

The university announced in March that it would be closing two residence halls scheduled for demolition ahead of schedule because of declining enrollment.

The Respect and Excellence halls opened in 2004 and together house more than 300 students.

[Image: 36i_B5l_W.gif]
Their freshman enrollment is down about 20%.

Quote:The University of Missouri (MU) is losing about 1500 students and is facing a huge $32 million budget shortfall four months after it attracted national attention as the site of massive race-based campus protests.
Gee, who wouldn't want to get their higher education there, or anywhere that the students whine, bitch and chimp out to get what they want?

Sounds like the perfect place to dump all your money to get a degree.
As Mega said, it is fun watching everybody choke to death on their own PC vomit.
I guess they're still at it. They crashed the curator's meeting in February:

Protesters interrupt University of Missouri curators meeting

[Image: 56b3bdf095970.image.jpg]
^Yeah. And Melissa Click, the professor in the video who was fired for her actions, is fighting the firing.

Missouri professor Melissa Click refuses to accept firing

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