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Full Version: Dorian Nakamoto denies being bitcoin founder. I believe him
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this nonsense has to stop. the founder of bitcoin is most likely not asian or japanese. they just used a japanese name to make the thing sound high tech

here dorian s. nakamoto clearly denies being the founder, yet reporters are swarming him:

leave this guy alone, he's not the founder of bitcoin:

[Image: 564072d1c46188b4658b456a.jpg]
this guy is 100% sincere:

one of the great things about being a SH researcher is you learn how to read body language very well

Interesting book about the history of Bitcoin.


Whoever the real Satoshi Nakamoto is, his Bitcoins probably worth tens of millions of dollars, even after the crash. It is not responsible journalism to out someone (and put this person and his family at risk of kidnapping) unless one is certain about the correct identity.

The Digital Gold book mentions Nick Szabo as another possible real Satoshi Nakamoto, based on similar unusual writing quirks.

^ I agree. he has a right to sue newsweek. this puts him and his family in danger.
Speaking of bitcoin.

I've been exploring the dark web lately and would like to set up a bitcoin account, anyone know how I go about it?
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