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Full Version: My theory on the Boston Bombings
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Like we have seen in the past, agents working under the auspices of the FBI radicalized these two brothers, providing them with the knowledge and equipment to commit such an act. Per the usual, the plan was for them to be stopped before they could complete the act, which would allow the FBI to publicly declare that they were winning the war on terror. It would not be the first (nor the last time imo) that such a thing occurred.

If this was the case, what better way than to set up a "training scenario" with large numbers of LE looking out for bombs? We know that there was some sort of training going on, and we know that officials are not interested in talking about it, at least right now.
this has historical precedent and seems very likely IF CONSPIRACY WAS INVOLVED. creating crime to catch crime.

however this could be a case where they jacked up. usually they stop them right before the act.
the possibility cannot be ruled out, that is why there needs to be transparency.

this kind of shit is an endless rabbit hole though.. however this case is a bit diff. since it was done all out in the open with a lot of cameras etc.
We know that a drill was going on. How badly does performance in a drill need to be for them to not see these 2 kids walking around leaving backpacks all over during a bomb drill?! Why do so many terrorist attacks occur while a drill on the exact same act is occurring? Is it simply intell getting leaked?
the CT view is that when a drill is happening and a false flag is happening it becomes hard to distinguish who is who... so if any of the "agents" get caught they could say they were doing a drill.

plausible deniability.
Drills seem to be more about confusing law enforcement as to what is real and what isn't, and providing an excuse if anyone gets caught......7/7.......9/11
you have to give some credit to jones at least. he sent out a field reporter to ask these questions.

Jones is starting to do real on the ground journalism.
The photo's that we've seen of the amputee guy and what appears to be people fitting prosthetic limbs and pouring fake blood on the ground, is consistent with the type of crisis acting that is done in those drills. Now that I think about it, everything we saw in the photos of people being treated, was from the drill, not the supposed real bombing. In my humble opinion, of course.
^ that's very possible. I dunno something didn't look too real about those pics.

i think there is more meat with this one than sandy hook.
I have still seen no evidence. There are no pictures or video of them "placing" these bombs. There is video and pictures of them at the race with backpacks on. They say pressure cooker bombs were inside. Well then how come there looks to be no bulge in these backpacks? Their backpacks look like they barely have anything in them. I had more bulge in a backpack walking around game 2 of the World Series last year.

There has been no evidence they had a shootout with police. They threw bombs out the window? WTF? Where are they? Where are pictures of these bombs?

Then there is the aunt saying the FBI had been in contact with the family. If true, intelligence agencies that monitor people don't just let things fall through the cracks, unless they want it to.

There are just so many inconsistencies that in my opinion there is no way the official story is remotely true.

if they don't cover it, no one cares! that's how it is!

it's amazing.

the media monopoly must be broken. there has to be some anti-trust against this.

I don't know what really happened at this point.

But your scenario definitely makes the most sense based on the information available.
Okay. This isn't anything regarding your theory, just another question I have.

The FBI has now admitted they were previously in contact with the older brother. Then why on earth when they announced the suspects would they ask for the public's help in identifying them? They acted like they just had a photo to ID them but didn't know who they were, and asked for the public's help.

This wouldn't be necessary if the FBI had already been in contact with them. So much as the aunt said the FBI went to visit HER regarding the older brother?

You don't monitor someone, then accuse them of something, but claim to not know who they are and if anyone can help ID them.
The Blackwater looking dudes had identical bags to one of the bombs right? Has that been explained or just brushed aside as a huge coincidence?
The crazy thing was how everyone just accepted Martial Law, even encouraged it, for a "manhunt" of 1 person. Never in the history of America have we shut down an entire city, just to capture one person ACCUSED of something. Think about that for a second. Just ACCUSED. No evidence, just finger pointing by a shady government, and all of a sudden everyone is okay with the LITERAL SHUTDOWN OF AN ENTIRE CITY to cut the head off this person.

And people are being called idiots for questioning this?

This is the fucking twilight zone.

(04-23-2013 05:52 AM)YukiNakai Wrote: [ -> ]The Blackwater looking dudes had identical bags to one of the bombs right? Has that been explained or just brushed aside as a huge coincidence?

SERIOUSLY!!!! They are photographed standing at the exact location. Later one of them doesn't even have his back pack on.

Regardless of that, they were there. They would have been keeping an eye out for this shit , right?

Announcements of a drill have been confirmed by runners at the marathon.

Not to mention the backpacks the accused kids had on were not packed very full. After viewing the backpacks directly on their back, it sure as shit doesn't look like a pressure cooker could be inside.
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