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Full Version: NASA Gives 99-Percent Probability Of 5.0 Earthquake In LA !
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I've been reading about huge quakes destined for the West Coast. California an the Pacific North West appear to be prime spots for these. FEMA has been planning already and now NASA is warning about this.

Video for this story at link location: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2015/10/2...ake-in-la/

NASA Gives 99-Percent Probability Of 5.0 Earthquake In LA

PASADENA (CBSLA.com) — If scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena are correct, a moderately-sized earthquake is expected within the next two-and-a-half years.

JPL experts predict a possible 5.0 magnitude quake in Los Angeles, but say it very well could be stronger. JPL geophysicist Dr. Andrea Donnellan, along with seven other scientists, has been using radar and GPS to measure Southern California’s chances for a sizable earthquake, and has made a sobering hypothesis about another big one.

“When the La Habra earthquake happened, it was relieving some of that stress, and it actually shook some of the upper sediments in the LA basin and moved those a little bit more,” Dr. Donellan said.

However, according to Dr. Donnellan, those strains remain, with enough power to produce an even larger quake in the same epicenter in La Habra.

“There’s enough energy stored to produce about a magnitude 6.1 to 6.3 earthquake,” Dr. Donnellan described.

Dr. Donnellan and her team then proceeded to measure the probability of a similar quake for the entire 60-mile radius of the Los Angeles area. The results produced a shocking 99-percent chance of a magnitude 5.0 or greater in Los Angeles within three years.

Seismologists at the US Geological Survey have questioned that probability, suggesting it may in fact be slightly lower, stating: “…the accepted random chance of a (magnitude five) or greater in this area in three years is 85 percent, independent of the analysis in this paper.”

USGS uses different methods from radar and GPS, such as fault maps and models, to develop their results.

Regardless of the discrepancy in percentage, scientists agree that the probability of at least a moderate-sized earthquake in Los Angeles over the next three years is high.

“We all need to be prepared. That’s not new for LA.”

My estimate is that there is a 100% probability of an earthquake. The question is WHEN.
They've been saying that it's overdue in California based on the cycles for these things.

I posted this in another Masato Toys thread earlier this week:

There has been a lot of prophecy about a massive quake that is going to hit the West Coast. It's been a reoccurring theme for many years now.

Check Google and you will see it's been talked about for a while now;


In the deeply reported article for The New Yorker, Kathryn Schulz tells the tale of how this fault lies dormant for periods of 243 years, on average, before unleashing monstrous tremors. The Pacific Northwest is 72 years overdue for the next quake, which is expected to be between 8.0 and 9.2 in magnitude.

At the upper end of that scale, Schulz notes, we would experience “the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.” (The major 2011 earthquake in Japan was a 9.0, killing more than 15,000 people.)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) already has an emergency response plan for when this earthquake hits. Parts of FEMA’s quake expectations are truly terrifying. As Schulz writes:

FEMA projects that nearly thirteen thousand people will die in the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Another twenty-seven thousand will be injured, and the agency expects that it will need to provide shelter for a million displaced people, and food and water for another two and a half million.

So doom is imminent according to NASA?
Maybe Ahmed's clock will calm them down.

Oh hey did you hear?

Ahmed met with Obama already and now he and his family are on their way to Qatar, permanently.

It's what makes America great!
(10-22-2015 04:45 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]So doom is imminent according to NASA?

I've experienced at least 3 5.0 quakes or stronger, including the Chino Hills earthquake in 2008 which was 5.5 in magnitude. They ain't shit.
If the big one hits and I stop posting, you all should all either assume I'm either dead or chillaxin' at Camp FEMA.

Am I the only West Coast person here?
I'm also in Southern California, so are former members Sr Penis and Hellfire Awaits.
5.0 is nothing. pure fear mongering

california sits at a fault line so some earthquakes are a given
(10-22-2015 08:07 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]5.0 is nothing. pure fear mongering

california sits at a fault line so some earthquakes are a given

I don't think it's just fear mongering at all. Even scientists are confirming that the area is due.
5.0 is quite small so it wouldn't really matter

plus LA is full of flat buildings so no damage would be done
(10-22-2015 08:06 AM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]I'm also in Southern California, so are former members Sr Penis and Hellfire Awaits.

I live in a pretty Korean town. It's good to know Hellfire could be just down the street.

When the big one hits lets band together. You bring the guns, oil and food. I'll bring my grappling-hook, bo-staff and medicine ball.
I miss SOOT BULL JEEP in K-Town.. one of the best BBQ places i've been to
(10-22-2015 08:26 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]5.0 is quite small so it wouldn't really matter

Have you already forgotten untold destruction of the big 5.1 that struck SoCal in January 2015?

[Image: quake29n-2-web.jpg]
this place is SO DAMN GOOD.. if you haven't been there go there

[Image: Soot-Bull-Jeep-in-LA-1-e1370102592860.jpg]
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