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Full Version: Blogger trolls DeGrasse-Tyson on Twitter
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(10-29-2015 03:49 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-20-2015 06:52 PM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]NDP is like a George Takei. You can't speak ill of him or you're an asshole and branded a bigot. He's also supposedly an undefeated collegiate wrestler. 90% of the OG would gladly be his cuck.

What do you think of Canada's new Prime Minister?

I hear he's mostly focused on striking, and not much of a grappler.
Yeah Trudeau got nothing for NDP's double leg. He has it down to a science.

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I miss Ed Broadbent.

Our Tsing Yi 7/11 is closed down for a month for renovations right now. It will reopen November 27th.

Diet Butcher, I remember one time you told me about a place in Kwai Tsing. A glorious place.

I need to find that place. Lachyau and I stomped all over Tsing Yi tonight and could not find the hallowed ground that was our place under renovation.

Tell us more of that place.

If this isn't a sign we need to meet up. Nothing is.

Everybody needs a backup plan and tonight me and Lachyau realized we don't have a good one.

Please fix that for us.
now that the weather is not brutally hot anymore, we can hit up the Thai BBQ joint by the jockey club. We can get a table outside on the sidewalk and drink Chang beer. lemme know when you wanna go!
One night next week, with Lachyau for sure.

Neil Degrasse Tyson can't come though, unless he buys the beers.
(10-30-2015 02:00 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]One night next week, with Lachyau for sure.

Neil Degrasse Tyson can't come though, unless he buys the beers.

What size beers are you talking?

[Image: UjEg9se.gif]
That Gif is gayer than a bag of dicks.
[Image: in-the-face.gif?68045d]

OOooohhh I like that too!

-Black Science Man
(10-21-2015 08:47 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]"83% of Internet quotes are fake and made up on the spot."

- Mike Tyson

Tell you what, I'd pay $100 to see Neil Degrasse-Tyson fight Mike Tyson, Pride Rules, or even better, UFC 1 rules (none).

Holy shit that would be awesome to watch.
Do you know that the very first fight in the very first UFC would be a disqualification, the Savate guy never would have fought again, and he could even face jail time for what he did winning that fight. Back at UFC 1, that was a quick win which was good, because he had more fights that night.

How times have changed.

Do you believe that everyone who claims to have watched it live that night really did? I didn't know anyone who watched ufc till maybe 15 years ago and still not many.

We had tough man competitions at the local civic center but they were just locals who loved scrapping.
I was at my dealer and good buddy's house for the evening. I loved hanging out with that guy. Constant stream of peeps coming in and out and blazing your brains out.

This one guy calls, and Don warns me that he's coming with another guy who's not quite right in the head. Sometimes he's cool, but sometimes he's a total idiot.

The guy and his crazy buddy come over and his crazy buddy had the first two UFCs on VHS with him one one tape, right after the second one had come out. I hadn't seen it yet, but had heard about it.

He walked in, popped it in the VCR and said confidently we would love this. He was right.

By the end of the 2nd UFC, there were maybe 30 people over there watching it together. Everyone that came over to buy weed stayed to watch the fights, because it was fucking awesome. People usually came and went all night, but that night, just about everyone stayed. It was fucking awesome.

Royce Gracie!
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