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Full Version: Queen Victoria's Obsession with the Occult
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Queen Elizabeth's Grandmother, Queen Victoria, had an obsession with the occult which only grew after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. The death of Victoria’s husband absolutely devastated her, and resulted in her searching the country for the best genuine medium – a quest she considered successful with the discovery of a thirteen year old boy named Robert James Lees, who claimed he could “channel” the ghost of her dead husband Prince Albert.

But her obsession didn’t start with the death of her husband. “Spiritualism”, as it was referred, began to sweep over Great Britain in the mid 1800’s, and the Queen and her husband were not immune. According to an article in Victorian Web [1]:

Modern Spiritualism, a ‘strange and fascinating American import’, emerged in Britain in 1852, when the American Maria B. Hayden visited London and offered her services as a medium. She conducted séances of table rappings and spirit messages for a guinea per head (five guineas for ten). In short time similar séances were offered by a host of local mediums.

[Image: occult-696x1024.jpg]

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert participated in Spiritualist séances as early as 1846. On July 15 that year, the clairvoyant Georgiana Eagle demonstrated her powers before the Queen at Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight.

In 1861, the year when Prince Albert died of typhoid, a thirteen-year-old boy living in Leicester, Robert James Lees, who took part in a family séance, passed a message from Albert to the Queen in which he called her by the pet name known only to her and her late husband.

According to ListVerse [2]:

[Victoria] knew that many mediums were frauds but finally found one who seemed genuine: Robert James Lees, a 13-year-old medium who claimed to channel the spirit of Albert.

She sent her courtiers to investigate the young medium. After impressing them with impossible-to-know details of Albert’s personal life, Lees was invited to see the queen at Buckingham Palace.

[Image: il_570xN.370658648_e97i.jpg]

He went to the palace nine times. Each time, Victoria was left completely at his whim, prompting her to ask him to become resident medium of her royal household. The boy refused, promising that she could continue communicating through Albert’s former gun boy, John Brown. For more than 30 years, Brown remained Victoria’s medium, having a complete hold over her.

Many have questioned Queen Victoria and John Brown’s relationship, because their remains an heir of historical secrecy. According to The Daily Beast [3]: However, according to, “Whisperers”, an authoritative new study of the influence of apparent spirit contact on the course of history from ancient times to the present day by Irish author J.H. Brennan, John Brown was much more than just a plain-spoken friend and shoulder to cry on – he was Queen Victoria’s medium, carrying messages to and from her dead husband Albert.

[Image: LEnfant_Terrible.jpg]

Full story: http://yournewswire.com/queen-victorias-...d-husband/
it's not really a surprise IMO.

every culture around the world is into spirits, shamanism, channeling etc.

people have this idea that western elites are just about scientism.. not really true.

the former canadian Pm mackenzie king always consulted a crystal ball
some people argue that the queen of england is the head of world freemasonry. would make sense.

it's basically the only monarchy the masons didn't try to topple
They don't allow women.
a bee society is all composed of men, but headed by 1 woman

the queen of england is the most powerful person in all of anglodom.
I don't think it's a bee society. Women aren't powerful really. Especially among young people. They couldn't care less about women.
Most men, even powerful men are controlled by their wives. the wife is often making a lot of decisions for the man.

the Queen is arguably the head of FVEY.. she has veto power over all commonwealth nations

World Masonry is also based in England.. and is under her dominion.
The royals are figureheads. In Redneck's story here about Victoria, it becomes obvious that she was a fragile and manipulable woman duped and beguiled by con artists essentially giving this John Brown guy power over the kingdom. She wouldn't be the first and certainly not the last world leader to be controlled in such a way. It is in fact exactly what Aleister Crowley was doing in England before and during World War II, likely what was happening with Reagan and his "astrologer" Joan Quigley and probably what Valerie Jarrett is up to with Obama nowadays. You can keep looking backward and find the original 007 John Dee doing the same thing in Queen Elizabeth's court.

Whether or not there is actual supernaturalism involved with the occult doesn't change the fact that it's primary importance is as a tool of control.
Many world leaders, or their wives, have publicly dabbled in the occult. Tony Blair's wife had a personal astrologer, Nancy Reagan was into all sorts of weird shit, Winston Churchill was a modern Druid, Hitler was a quasi Theosophist.

I don't see the current British royalty as fragile and manipulative though. I think the bloodline commands huge respect from all of the elite, and that they are one of the most powerful families in the world.
the western royals still hold the power.. they hold the prestige of royal bloodlines.

big businessmen or academics cannot hold a candle to monarchic pedigree
(09-25-2015 08:34 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]the western royals still hold the power.. they hold the prestige of royal bloodlines.

big businessmen or academics cannot hold a candle to monarchic pedigree

Never underestimate a charismatic douchebag armed with NLP, hypnosis and parlor tricks. I'm not saying the royal bloodlines don't have power. I'm saying that there are always going to be ambitious relative nobodies who will stand in the shadows and exert control over those in power. The FVEY intelligence agencies are fully staffed by such people. They don't do the Queen's bidding as much as she does theirs, IMO.
in a way you're right because even back then kings were manipulated by their advisors, emperors by their eunuchs. just saying that on the surface and by law it does seem that the queen holds a lot of power still.
Black magic and the "dark arts" are a very real thing. Sure, there are always con-men using slight of hand, but the very powerful in this world have passed along, and utilize, these powers and incantations to their benefit. They've sold their souls.

Good thread, Redneck. These stories serve as a reminder that there is more to the story than just a bunch of megalomaniacs running shit in this world. They wouldn't waste their time with so much symbology, numerology, and every other form of occultism if there wasn't something beyond our space/time dimension that they were tapping into. It's also why I believe CERN is amongst their biggest priorities now. They've funneled tens of billions of dollars into the project. It isn't simply a science project for curious nerds.
i once met a channeler once that guessed how many brothers I had, guessed if I was the oldest, youngest etc. where I was born etc.

freaked me out. Apparently some people do have this ability.
What if Queen Liz II is a bumbling imbecile? What if she has had mild alzheimer's for decades, and can barely think past what silverware will be served at tea, or where she left her hat?

Would all of Freemasonry and the wealth/resources of the monarchy simply topple under her pitiful neglect?

As most Canadians will predictably tell you, "She's just a figurehead". I agree with this, though not in the ways that most Canadians will predictably think

Big Grin
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