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..is pretty cool , good posters, good info.
The only thing I would change is :
A sub forum for EY's Catholic drum beating.
Almost every thread gets lojacked by EY's crazy obsession with The Roman church ans it is nearly to disagree and have a logical conversation about the church because he is so emotional about the subject.
Maybe some one could start a Catechism thread for EY to study because a lot his notions about Catholicism are in fact wrong.
The thing is I don't argue about the religion itself, but its political and practical impact.

I know where they stand on political issues and I argue from there.
also we can argue in the catholic church thread. I don't make theological arguments about why the church is correct. that is not my domain. I talk about its political impact and how masons/protestants etc. seek to subvert them to forward a world political agenda.
also thanks for praising the forum. It's due to the contributions of all of us.
That was kind of tongue and cheek I had laugh when I was typing.
This forum is great aside from your non stop Catholic shitSmile
I think I am correct about the Catholic Church and Christianity in general if we just go by the evidence. they are the enemy of the new world order.

i emphasize it because so many people are interested in the masons/illuminati etc. without knowing who their primary opposition was/is
One thing that needs to change is that I need to stop posting so much, I use this place as my personal sounding board which is kind of disrespectful.

I never post here when I am drinking if that helps? You can check my posting times its never after 7 Australian Eastern Standard time. Except the night im not drinking and the kids arent entertaining me with their antics.
I must disagree sir hyung, you're a quality poster

LOL name ONE quality post Ive made, just ONE mate?
"I think I can say that white skin is scientifically proven to be better looking than dark skin. Maybe not scientifically but you know what I mean."

This is quality. You provide many a lols.
No you've made some quality posts but you do have a potty mouth.

i think you are more serious when talking about korea/asian related issues or food stuffs.
(04-20-2013 11:40 AM)HYUNG Wrote: [ -> ]LOL name ONE quality post Ive made, just ONE mate?

HYUNG, without your contribution to the music video thread I would never have discovered Benny Lava!
I'm pretty happy dong is posting here.
Why cant we have a hottie forum? why cant we have frames like the OG? why cant we have nice things!!!!!?
besides the frames, every function is superior on this site.

skynet doesn't like the frames because he thinks it looks ugly. Also I think something like that would be hard to maintain. but yeah we are gonna do the twitter thing and google analytics soon
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