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Full Version: The Pentagon Targets China
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Really long read but good. Here are a few parts

Part I The Pentagon Targets China

On the basis of simple dollar outlays for military spending, the US Pentagon combined budget, leaving aside the huge budgets for such national security and defense-related agencies of US Government as the Department of Energy and US Treasury and other agencies, the US Department of Defense spent some $739 billion in 2011 on its military requirements. Were all other spending that is tied to US defense and national security included, the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies estimates an annual military spending of over $1 trillion by the United States. That is an amount greater than the total defense-related spending of the next 42 nations combined, and more than the Gross Domestic Product of most nations.

China officially spent barely 10% of the US outlay on its defense, some $90 billions, or, if certain defense-related arms import and other costs are included, perhaps $111 billion a year. Even if the Chinese authorities do not publish complete data on such sensitive areas, it is clear China spends a mere fraction of the USA and is starting from a military-technology base far behind the USA.

Part II: Pentagon’s ‘Air-Sea Battle’

The Pentagon strategy to defeat China in a coming war, details of which have filtered into the US press, is called “Air-Sea Battle.” This calls for an aggressive coordinated US attack. US stealth bombers and submarines would knock out China’s long-range surveillance radar and precision missile systems deep inside the country. This initial “blinding campaign” would be followed by a larger air and naval assault on China itself.[6] Crucial to the advanced pentagon strategy, deployment of which has already quietly begun, is US military navy and air presence in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and across the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Australian troop and naval deployment is aimed at accessing the strategic Chinese South China Sea as well as the Indian Ocean. The stated motive is to “protect freedom of navigation” in the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea. In reality it is to be positioned to cut China’s strategic oil routes in event of full conflict.

Air-Sea Battle’s goal is to help US forces withstand an initial Chinese assault and counterattack to destroy sophisticated Chinese radar and missile systems built to keep US ships away from China’s coastline.[7]


By F. William Engdahl
China is a far bigger threat to US hegemony compared to Russia.

While they sabre rattle about Russia, they are quietly surrounding China with tons of bases and navy regiments.
They've been discussing this on RT and antiwar.com.

Absolutely sickening.

The U.S. is truly run by a bunch of modern-day mini Hitlers.
China is far behind in technology (where it counts) compared to the US. Their proven fighter jets are from Russia with their aircraft engines also coming from Russia, since they still can't make engines that last as long as the Russians. Their sole aircraft carrier is a used model from, again, Russia and a decade or two behind the US aircraft carriers.

BUT, the Chinese have numbers, many of them armed with the trusty, simply and AK-47 and its variants. If it is a war of technology the US wins hands down, if it is war that gets embroiled on the Chinese mainland, with millions of infantrymen against the smaller numbers of what the US can bring from thousands of miles away, then it will be a different story: it would long, bloody and eventually demoralizing, since the US generals would not dare to do what they should have done in the Korean War: use tactical nuclear weapons.
US tech is definitely higher but not by much IMO.

I have heard China has a lot of aces up their sleeve as does Russia.

I think WW3 has already started but it's just not looking like what people think of as a world war.

Sanctions, financial warfare, psychological warfare operations have already all commenced.
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