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Full Version: Charles Manson's Girls. Look at this picture.
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charles manson death hoax story planted in 2015... just as people started researching past incidents due to the sandy hook awakening
Quote:Presidio mutiny
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Presidio mutiny was a sit-down protest carried out by 27 prisoners at the Presidio stockade in San Francisco, California on October 14, 1968. The stiff sentences given out at courts martial for the participants (known as the Presidio 27) attracted attention to the extent of sentiment against the Vietnam War in the armed forces.
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1 Prelude
2 The protest
3 The trials
4 Aftermath
5 References
Two events set the stage for the protest. The first was the death of Richard Bunch, a prisoner in the stockade, who was killed on October 11 with a shotgun blast after walking away from a work detail.[1] Other prisoners stated that he taunted guards to shoot him.[2] That evening there was a vocal protest against the killing. Conditions in the stockade were overcrowded, with up to 140 prisoners housed in a space intended for 88, and there were charges of mistreatment by guards.[2]
The protest was set into motion, however, by a group of four AWOL soldiers who turned themselves in the next day at the end of a large anti-war march in San Francisco, where the Presidio is located.[3] The military had made attempts to prevent service members from participating in the march, ordering up mandatory formations and special maneuvers which would keep men on base.[4] Nevertheless a large contingent of several hundred active duty and reserve servicemen marched at the front of the parade.[4] The four AWOL soldiers (Linden Blake, Keith Mather, Walter Pawlowski, and Randy Rowland),[5] having been put in the stockade, met with prisoners over the weekend and convinced them to participate in a protest over prisoner conditions and against the war.[3]

apparently charles manson put a brake on some of the anti-war sentiment
[Image: 467650-charles-manson-1986-2011.jpg]

55 years old in 1989. left pic.

apparently they let you DYE your hair in prison?


also look at the most recent pic.. dude has access to rogaine?

wouldnt' be surprised if this guy is under some witness protection program and they just bus him out once in a while for interviews
unexplained mysteries , a CT forum locked their manson hoax thread:


looks like this thing is heating up
Have you ever taken LSD?

Well I have, a hundred times. To certain personality types it's ALL about control. It is a different animal.

After Manson had is rough upbringing, inside and outside of state facilities, he was a nobody to the powers that control society, so he decided to create his own, where he was the top dog. The wisest, most powerful, most interesting, most intuitive, most creative, most influential, and simultaneously most compassionate and feared man alive.
He was Jesus and the devil, "bad to go good".

There are literally tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, who've done this very same thing to different degrees.
Gordon Todd Skinner is an example. I know several people personally who did this sort of thing. Created "Generals", "Lieutenants", "Captains". A chain of command. Even after experimentation and study, I chose to "wow" those around me with my intellectual prowess and charisma(and LSD/mushrooms), and it worked. I was a rockstar to a dozen or so for a time.

Thousands of charismatics flock to Hollywood to see test themselves among other charismatics. It's commonplace.
Charley was just one that took it relatively far. He did not "control their minds", he guided and influenced them with LSD to believe their thoughts were their beliefs. It's different from brainwashing in that brainwashing is to the point where there is just action without doubt, whereas Van Houten, Sadie, Kasabian, Krenwinkle and Brunner had doubts, even though their actions seemed void of doubt. But their actions and mannerisms were more psychotic 1) In custody 2) On the stand 3) and in their first stints in prison, even though they were treated other wordly.
I suppose broadly speaking, the spell they were under could be considered a form of brainwashing, but this is semantics.
The feasibility, regarding whether a 5'3-4" guy could do this with nothing more than the official story or not, is in my opinion lacking the experience and understanding of this drug, and it in my opinion HAS to be experienced to be fully, even partially understood. Therefore opinions on it that lack that experience mean nothing.

Leslie Van Houten once heard a judge say during one parole hearing, "You've dug yourself quite a hole and it's going to take a little time to get out of it." John Waters asked the question, "Can you ever dig your way out of that hole by trying to explain LSD to a parole board whose members have never taken a trip?"

My two.
interesting thoughts.

some things are not adding up with this case.

you're saying LSD can create this type of omnipotent guy that teenage girls would flock to and that hollywood celebs would hang out with?

he doesn't seem very coherent in interviews.
My pop knew a prison guard at corcoran who worked in his unit

Not saying he wasnt a patsy but definately in prison

Same guy worked with sirhan sirhan too
a lot of these famous mass killers all get the same lawyer too.
(09-12-2015 02:19 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]interesting thoughts.

some things are not adding up with this case.

you're saying LSD can create this type of omnipotent guy that teenage girls would flock to and that hollywood celebs would hang out with?

he doesn't seem very coherent in interviews.


Most of his interviews you see are after he got assraped for 10+ years.
In prison today, he's nothing more than a meth'd out trucker.
But back then, he was a trip the civilized America hadn't seen yet.
A better portrayal at the time was Steve Railsback's in the 1976 movie "Helter Skelter".
this manson topic is heating up big time. so much info popping up this year.

this will be a big one to tackle and to digest and breakdown

:34 is interesting

(09-12-2015 02:44 AM)sparkuri Wrote: [ -> ]

I wont lie

What he says resonates with me
(09-12-2015 03:54 AM)Uncle Tomahawk Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-12-2015 02:44 AM)sparkuri Wrote: [ -> ]

I wont lie

What he says resonates with me

Because it's true!
not impressed with the steve railsback monologue.

seems like a whiney white guy whining.

the real manson I could tell had some intensity and charisma.

the relatively attractive hoards of women that just followed this guy plus the willingness of people like dennis wilson to hang out with him is fishy.
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