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Full Version: CT Books are Contraband in Jail, TV on 16 hours/day....
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...while library time is limited to 45 minutes/week!

Great video about NJ police infringing upon a law abiding PA citizens right to protect his home by jailing him for 35 days, when thankfully a wise judge saw the absurdity and illegality of his charges and released him.

I was also a PA citizen living in NJ with firearms at one time recently.

This could have been me.

This is the video
why should they be contraband?


in Europe they got WIFI in the jails HAHAHA. pretty cool.
CT stuff is no longer fringe.. it's huge right now.

I can see them banning the "turner diaries" and other right wing nutjob stuff.. however regular books should not be banned.
And Playstations, it's actually a higher standard of living than most of my neighbors have
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