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Full Version: Oh boy. Virginia Victim's Father in LES MISERABLES as of 2014
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can't make this shit up folks. WOW

[Image: 1970403_10101643875178016_524291705_n.jp...e=56640624]
oh lord. this looks like a fake picture. photoshop experts CHIME IN

[Image: Y7E6g6J.jpg]
[Image: 1382035_10101393498639606_1624235005_n.j...e=56604FE9]

[Image: 1457657_10101489014819416_80286674_n.jpg...e=567FA0ED]
Masonry plays a part in les mis no?

As a card carrying hetero I wouldnt know
Not a photoshop expert by any means but that Xmas card looks shady as hell.

In other words, I'm not sure what constitutes a photoshop these days or how it's defined, but i know it when I see it...lol
the outlines of the bodies look very artificial
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