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Full Version: The Newtown & Virginia Reichstag Fires
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don't meet up with him.

i actually think he is nutty enough to inflict bodily harm on people using weapons.

he said he wanted to spill my guts over my position on sandy hook

i can't believe the OG mods validate these type of threats. I believe they can be held liable if he does it excessively.

prob a good idea to screenshot his posts where he makes death threats.

never know with some of these people. scientific studies have shown that anti-CT types were shown to be much more mentally unstable and hostile compared to conspiracists
Yeah the fact that physical threats are allowed there is more proof the whole place is run by unethical, moral relative idiots.

They don't see the irony of threatening to kill an innocent man on a thread about a supposed murder of two apparently innocent people (according to them).
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