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Full Version: Greece: "we go to bed early so we don’t have to hear our stomachs rumbling"
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[Image: pb-130206-greece-da-02.photoblog900.jpg]

Grace said: “We used to love hosting extravagant barbecues with spit-roast pigs and wine.
“But now we feed the kids two small meals a day and Apostolis and I live off one. We are hungry all the time and lack energy.
“Buying bottled water used to be second nature to me but now I have to boil tap water.
“The government isn’t doing anything to support families. I now rely on the kindness of local farmers to give my children milk.”
Shockingly, Grace says her kids tell her stories about their school pals falling asleep in class because their increasingly meagre diets leaves them with no energy.

She added: “I used to go to the supermarket and buy whatever I wanted. Now I owe almost 100 euros to my local mini market after buying food on credit.
“The kind lady who owns the shop says she will have to close soon because she can’t make any profit.
“There are too many families like us who hope and pray she will be able to give us milk and food on credit.
“Without her generosity we don’t know what we’d do.
[img][Image: greece_729-420x0.jpg][/img]
meanwhile behind US supermarkets dumpsters everywhere:

[Image: food-waste-freeganism.jpg]

[Image: food-waste-supermarket-dumpster.jpg][Image: draft_lens2190309module96003881photo_127...pster_food]

[Image: MG_3117.jpg]

I see this in China too. massive food waste. massive food dumping.

the world has so much food it's unbelievable. no one should be hungry.
One thing I love about my neighbourhood is that rarely does anyone go hungry. Even the mentally ill homeless guys get fed, and these are poor slum-dwelling Thais(more often Laotians or Cambodjans) feeding them.
Sick fucking world Sad
Greece is probably being dicked around on purpose. I haven't looked too much into this, but I will.
(04-18-2013 08:19 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Greece is probably being dicked around on purpose. I haven't looked too much into this, but I will.

I would imagine so, as they're Orthodox Christians, who, throughout history, have never really played ball with the world controllers. According to the Greeks I spoken to, most of their leaders are Masons and sell outs, though.

I've never met a Greek who wasn't cynical about government and the world. I think it's pretty normal to be Greek and subscribe to CTs, especially about Masons and Zionists.

Greek was also the one NATO country to oppose Clinton's destruction of Serbia. Their people feel a strong affinity with Russia and the Eastern Church, even while their treacherous leaders sell out their country to the West.
Yes. the avg. Greek is very well aware of the masonic conspiracy.

I highly suspect their orthodox christianity and strong culture has to do with them suffering like this.

people going hungry should not be happening in the EU. so much food.
I asked the Greek immigrant who just opened a diner by house about this, and he went off on a 10 minute tirade about how lazy Greeks are.

There was a taxi strike the other day, and the cabbies were about 30 deep, driving 5 mph in front of his store.

The guy looked like he was going to explode.
^ yes that probably has to do with it as well.
Greeks know what is good in life. Wine, women, singing, fighting and eating.
that is heart breaking EY, this is happening in Europe??????

"For just $2 a day you too can sponsor a child just like Spiros Papadopulos"

Just doesnt sound right.
The problems of Greece are a joint product of the laziness, incompetence, and dishonesty of the Greek people, in combination with the duplicity of international bankers.

In all honesty, these corrupt fucks voted for a government that LIED to the EU about its finances to gain entry. Then they borrowed tons of money so that they could pay for all sorts of welfare programs that Greeks could not afford.

Greeks are also notorious tax dodgers, so they were getting more and more government services while paying increasingly little in return.

Then you must also blame the banks for selling these people loans that they could never possibly afford, and then dipping their hands into the public trough every chance they got.

The end combo is financial meltdown + SKYROCKETING debt ----> austerity ----> govt. cannot pay for basic services ---> people starving in the streets. Greece has reverted back to the third world country it deserves to be.

In any democracy, the quality of the government more or less reflects the quality of the people. Greeks lie about how hard they work and how much they earn, so their government did the same. Greeks voted for politicians who promised them the greatest amount of welfare. So their politicians paid for that with borrowed money.

Back when S. Korea got shitcanned in the '97 Asian financial crisis, Korean housewives gathered in the streets so that they could donate their wedding rings and household valuables to pay off the national debt. Where is this sort of civic mindedness in southern Europe?

All I see in third world shitholes (sorry) like Spain and Greece is whining, bickering, and complaining about how the bankers destroyed their countries. And yes, they are to blame for that, but why didn't you insure your house against thieves?

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None of them pay tax, the poor, the middle class, the upper class or the elite, and they expect the govt to do something.? With what, without revenue any expenditure is a bubble of hot hair waiting to pop.

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there is no free in this world. that is all I can say.

Nothing free.. and it seems many of the PIGS think they can get things for free. However it's sad that they can't even get food... i thought the EU package would probably take care of things like this.. after all NATO etc. spend billions freeing brown people in africa and the ME.
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