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Full Version: Super EWWW NEW pic of Britney Spears. Chest hair. weird mouth
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hmmm.. weird.

[Image: brit%20%283%29.jpg]
whappened to her mouth?
[Image: brit%20%2811%29.jpg]
Hmm white trash, but still would.
Jeez, that's one high-res close-up, haha. I wouldn't call that "chest hair" though. I bet it's not even visible without your eyes an inch from her chest. There's worse out there, heh...
Yeah….I hate Britney Spears…but….would do.
she got surgery:

[Image: 4f801e04_BritneyTop.xxxlarge.jpg]
How'd they make her eyes closer together?
(08-19-2015 02:37 AM)Billygoat Wrote: [ -> ]How'd they make her eyes closer together?

"So, as I was saying, the real Brittany killed herself last night because she hated all the mind-fucking torture we've put her through all her life."

"But, we have so much more money we need her to make for us!"

"I know, so I was thinking...I have this other MKed bitch over here who looks a little like her..."

"Damn! Great minds think alike. Prep her for surgery and I'll get the mind-handlers to get the personality ready. You're a lifesaver, Sam Lutfi! A lifesaver!"
Such a Pretty smile
An industry cum bucket.

Miley's trying to take her place. Maybe she will be better conditioned for it.
(08-19-2015 01:02 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]she got surgery:

[Image: 4f801e04_BritneyTop.xxxlarge.jpg]
Wow! Cover one half of her face and then dwitch and cover the other side!! Crazy, man!
she lost her soul
You might want to resize the first couple of pics. They're massive.
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