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Full Version: More Proof of Halbig's Credentials. 1999 Speech to FL SENATE ON SCHOOL SAFETY. VID
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he's very consistent. he's saying the same things today about being a US citizen.

1999 to 2015... he says the same things.
wow. dude truly is a school safety expert. it's all on video.

the guy trashed his entire career by investigating sandy hook

Wait a second, I thought some people on this forum said this guy was lying about his entire resume?

You mean that's not true?
lol. Daglord... cough.. cough. this is why I stick with my guns. I don't fall for shilly divisive tactics. If I believe something I don't care if the entire forum goes against me. I was RIGHT about Halbig. Actually WE WERE RIGHT. I remember you supported him too Dean.

this is VIDEO PROOF of his SOLID EXPERIENCE as a nationally recognized school safety expert.

'Nuff said.

Can you find some BS in his resume? maybe. but 95% of it checks out.

Wolfgang is the real deal.
wolfgang is a great speaker but he doesnt' do a good job of promoting himself.

All he has to do is SHOW THIS VIDEO to people when they question his experience.

just put it up on youtube. NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS VIDEO. it's hidden away on his website.

hey dean, can you repost this to YOUTUBE?

i know you have an account
check out this unaired NBC interview. You can tell the reporter believes in Wolfgang.

Hilarious how they interviewed him yet failed to put this up on TV.

check the reporter's facial expressions.. he believes Wolfgang.

they probably sent some people to interview him thinking he would make a fool out of himself.

he didn't so they didn't air it. Simple.

Fox did the same thing.. interviewed him couldn't get any ridiculous soundbites, so they refused to air.
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