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Full Version: Adam Lanza's Radio Phone-In
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Have you guys seen this? It slipped beneath my radar and I'm surprised it's been out there for so long.

If legit, it's probably the strongest evidence that Lanza was in-fact the shooter.
What exactly is their proof that "Greg" or "Smiggles" is Adam Lanza, who until proven otherwise still seems like a Photoshop creation to me?
Very monotonous voice in the radio interview.
The Chimp incident he is referring to happened only an hour from Newtown, CT. NYTimes article says his friends recalled him talking about it the next day. The kid clearly didn't have aspergers.

It could have been anyone, but the caller definitely fits the description of Lanza.
no real proof that is adam. could be ryan.
(07-30-2015 12:47 AM)Rako Wrote: [ -> ]Very monotonous voice in the radio interview.

trying to make him sound like a crazed white guy loner
Apparently the voice has been identified by some friends of Lanza. I also posted some of his alleged writings in another thread. I actually found the story of Travis to be very interesting.
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