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  1. Online Persona Taking Over Real Life. (37 Replies)
  2. BIG. CBS journalist tweeted HILLARY MAY DROP OUT.. then deleted (34 Replies)
  3. Putin on Immigration - 'Russia is for Russians, first and foremost' (3 Replies)
  4. Chickens injected with water. Plumping Video (0 Replies)
  5. Sandy Hook General Discussion Thread (72 Replies)
  6. Orlando Pulse Shooting victim Chris Lienonen's dad is ANTI-GUN CONTROL (3 Replies)
  7. Donald Trump: Ramp up the War on Drugs to pay for the wall (22 Replies)
  8. The endpoint of feminism. Girl goes nuts after guy doesn't put out (24 Replies)
  9. Elon Musk Says It Wasn't an Explosion That Took Out SpaceX's Rocket (12 Replies)
  10. Questions about the Orlando Shooting. Major Media, please answer. (43 Replies)
  11. Ben Shapiro on Colin Kaepernick (3 Replies)
  12. Invoking Demons (108 Replies)
  13. It's official: I'm voting for Trump (31 Replies)
  14. Norway vs. Sweden on immigration (6 Replies)
  15. Is Russia ready to compromise with Japan? (1 Reply)
  16. Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson. (73 Replies)
  17. TRUMP IN THE LEAD NOW 40-39% (12 Replies)
  18. huge flying disk spotted in malaysia. real or fake (5 Replies)
  19. 11 Dallas Police Officers Shot - 5 Dead (44 Replies)
  20. Clinton News Network Blurs Trump shirt of Man who saved BABAY (14 Replies)
  21. Beyond the 28 Pages: What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal (13 Replies)
  22. your tax dollards at work. Police crosswalk trap exposed (3 Replies)
  23. Hillary Clinton Promises to Use Military Force Against Hackers in Most Hawkish Speech (4 Replies)
  24. Melania Trump Sues Left Wing Conspiracy Theorist Webster Tarpley (3 Replies)
  25. Buchanon: Conquistador Trump! (4 Replies)
  26. Strong Donald Trump Immigration Speech Phoenix, AZ 8/31/16 (2 Replies)
  27. The Clintons and Israel First (1 Reply)
  28. health experts. Can you get shot 4x and be discharged the next day from the hospital? (11 Replies)
  29. Michael Savage: Western Civ will collapse without Christian Revival (10 Replies)
  30. Curated selection of OG thread titles 9/2016 (16 Replies)
  31. Guardians: Soviet Superheroes. New Russian action film (8 Replies)
  32. vapid liberals stealing and defacing trump signs (15 Replies)
  33. Paul Wolfowitz endorses Hillary Clinton (8 Replies)
  34. Fake Blackwater guy outed on the OG (21 Replies)
  35. Where you from and your race (8 Replies)
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